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Stepkids and guilt

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Wow, I'm continually amazed at how these stepkids like to play guilt trips on the stepmoms. This is the second year in a row, my other stepdaughter has layed a guilt trip on me about not calling her/remembering her birthday. Now mind you, it wasn't her birthday until today. She told someone else this 1 day ago, again. Then she lays on the comment "I bet she wouldn't forget her own daughters?" Oh, man. Now, I don't even want to call her at all. Let me say, I only have so much energy to go around and to waste it on the nonsense...She just never stops. Then again, I don't think she ever will. Just last week, she was told not to swear in our house, or she could leave to her apartment. It hasn't even been a week. Drama, Anyway, any stories of guilt trips? I think I'm finally learning..."how important is it?"


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I am happy to say that "guilt" is one problem that we don't have here! I have been trying to think of any guilt related issues with my stepson but I can't. I think that my stepson's mother is the one who has a lot of guilt issues herself. She has good reason to feel guilty since she doesn't(and rarely ever did in the past) make decisions that are in my stepson's best interest. Plus, she feels guilty for "letting" my stepson come live with us.
I can only say to just do what you feel in your heart is right and don't worry about her guilt trips!