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Step sarcasm

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Ok, today was a day of sarcasm in the house. Tommorow most of the steps will be here and I'm trying to figure a way to get out of the house. My stepdaughter is celebrating her birthday here..ugh! In the meantime, the kitchen sink broke today and hubby has no energy to do it. My oldest bio daughter has a problem with I don't like her being on it. Alas, she is 21 and informed me of that...geez, these girls. Do they think they are beyond danger these days? Anyhow, for anyone interested. Go to and look up Dateline specials, it was on Friday night. Gives you lots of good info. Ugh, I need a bubble bath...I'm just glad Dawn decided to do this. Where would us stepmoms be? My hubby drove my stepdaughter to work today. I was soo soo mad! After, I told her I would not be driving her, he took her. All because it was cold outside. No wonder she doesn't stop her crap. She knows. Well, I hope she doesn't ask me, got to stick to my guns. Anyhow, hope all the stepmoms are surviving the storms.


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I found the report on It's titled Why parents must mind MySpace. Scary stuff! Thanks for posting about it. I heard about it on the radio and thought about reading or watching it but never got around to it. I'm glad I read it now!

For years now I've been preaching to my wife and son about online privacy. I'm very familiar with how easy it is for anybody to use the smallest amount of private information to exploit or even injure others. Security and privacy issues have been a hobby of mine since college and what I've learned is scary.

I'm very sensitive about what I post on the Internet and now at least my wife is to. We're still working on our son but we also don't allow him to access the Internet from his computer without us knowing what he's doing. That's working for now but as he gets older it will be impossible to do.

My philosophy on this subject is this: inform your children about the dangers of posting any private information on a public site. Give them examples of what can happen. Show them articles that talk about children getting abducted or teens getting raped or killed by someone that found out where they like to hang out by reading their profile on MySpace or a similar social networking site. A lot of kids won't take what you're saying seriously without concrete examples.

Yes, you could try to control their access but all that will do is build resentment in the child. They will find other ways to use the Internet. These days you don't have to look very hard to find a computer you can use for a fee or even free.

Give them the information they need to make an informed decision. If they have the right head on their shoulders they'll be more careful about what they post. I'd still keep an eye over their shoulder though, even if they don't know it. Smile

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Hey a bio dad...that is so great,I hope the word about this blog is getting around. Yeah, isn't that shocking. Yep, I'm doing the same, talking to my daughter, did you see the other web sites these kids are using? One is, I think Facebook is another, I will keep everyone posted. The more I look at myspace, the more I can't believe. Then Tara Banks had a special on her show about teenage parties and sex today. Yeah, my oldest thinks I'm overreacting. However, we parents have to get some kind of tools behind us. I might actually go out and buy some software install. It is downright dangerous. Their are other web sites about Internet safety, I have been checking out. Like my girlfriend said...whom, by the way, was stalked and has been divorced. It is like giving them an open play ground to play!

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I am the mom of way too many kids---lol 3 of them use myspace regularly...I monitor them just as regularly! I copied your link and sent it to everyone I know and urged them to send it to everyone they know...hopefully with more knowledge and parental watching we can reduce the risks in great amounts. Thanx for giving us this link and being a concerned parent. God bless you

Lisa Dawn