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People's Patterns

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I am dumbfounded of some people's patterns that are just downright bullying and snarky. If you don't like someone or what someone has to say just don't say anything at all. I am still learning and am new at being a step parent therefore, I think others shouldn't make posters feel bad because they posted something someone doesn't like or doesn't agree with. There is a way to word things that won't sound harsh to a person. Bullies are just unhappy with their own lives so they have to target other people to make themselves feel better. Some people just cannot help themselves. I think the way to deal with a bully is to ignore them or back them into a corner. I vote to ignore them though.


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I think on any public forum there are bound to be people who are unnecessarily unkind. It's one of the downfalls on anonymity on the internet.

I take the good with the bad. There are so many really great people on this site that give really great advice. I think those people far outweigh the few bad apples that can't help but be snarky.

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There's a big difference between someone speaking from a place in their heart, telling you things you don't want to hear... and someone saying things that are specifically meant to be hurtful.

You'll come to know which type these people are and which place they're coming from.

Back them into a corner, and you'll become their new target - they'll follow you around and try to push every.single.button they can think of to make you snap. Ignoring them is the better option.

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There has always been the GUBM Bully Brigade on this forum. That will never change.

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Yup, I've learned to ignore those who I feel don't bring much of anything to the table. I also don't take it personally if someone ignores me. You'll never get along with everyone and quite frankly, there are people on here that are great, have great advice, even if its not what you would want to hear and there are others who just like being bitches for the sake of it. No amount of info or you responding to them kindly will change their bitterness so, brush it off and move on. Take what you can from those posters who you feel are helping you and your situation honestly.

I am a member of many forums and its like this in most of them.