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NO More SS12 visitations!!!! How cool is that??!!! Freedom

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SS12 will not be visiting us anymore. I am really very happy with this news!!!! Smile Smile Smile

BM said he gets lot of house work from the school so he will not be coming every other weekend. DH said to me that he will stay in contact with SS via phone and will meet somewhere on weekdays.And maybe in other family functions, obviously by MIL, which I rarely attend. }:) I am absolutely fine with it. Who will not be??

It is like a dream/ wish come true. I wanted this for so long. Now this house is a home.

I used to dread that every other weekend when he used to show that sick and dirty face. Now I don't have to worry about that. I had already enjoyed 2 weekends without SS. And I must say I feel free like a bird which I felt when I started disengaging. But now even more free!! :D:D }:)

Even though disengaged, you feel helpless and powerless some time; now don't feel that. It is like a huge burden is away from me. Burden of preparing my self for those dreaded weekends. :sick:

I just wanted you all to know. I can't believe it's happening and I am loving every bit of it.

Will keep you all updated.


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Be advised that your DH will go through a grieving process and if you come off as overjoyed about SS no longer visiting there will be a lot of blow back.

Although you may be doing mental handsprings, do make sure you outwardly act as though this was not what you wanted but that it may be for the best. Especially if SS was getting PASed out by the BM and he was basically coached to be rotten at your house the way my three skids were.

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Yes! I know he must be grieving thats the only thing. But other than that I don't really care. Had done and went through enough.

I just wanted to show and share my excitement somewhere and who other than you all lovely people.

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She did this last time too. As most of BM she sucks and is very manipulative.

Last time out of blue she said that SS don't like it here and will not be visiting DH and that she don't get to spend weekend with SS as he was here every weekend. She said she want to stop this visitations. SS never said that. Next to that my DH was so scared and emotional at that time that he didn't believed she is doing this to him without any reason. I stepped in between as I saw DH is not going to do anything. Stepped in between was making DH understand that what she is doing is not right and she knows that she can control you through SS, which is very mean. She send a court notice to her to which we said whatever she is saying is not true and we want him every other weekend instead every weekend. Court agreed to what we said and let him come here EOW.

As a stepmom whatever you do , howsoever good your intentions are ,you are never good enough and everything backfires from all directions. Therefore I started disengaging. And everything was better. I told to my DH clearly, now I am not going to get involved in anything related to SS anymore. I didn't like it but I felt good and relieved. Therefore this time, I am not going to suggest anything to DH what is allowed and what is not.As I know she had started her evil games again, which I am not interested to play.

I am really feel free. No more dramas.

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Will be six years since Prince Hygiene (YSS 12.5) PASed out on the 12th. His older siblings PASed out the year before.

My children are grown and successful adults so we have two cats as our "children" right now.

I used to do mental handsprings when I saw the backs of their heads getting smaller and smaller as Chef drove them back to the Girhippo's each weekend. They were totally coached to be on their WORST behaviour at my house, plus the fact that they were (and still are) completely spoiled by both Chef and the Girhippo and her clan.

I literally had to do a physical and spiritual cleansing ritual to the whole house while Chef was driving them back. The dirt, filth, germs and general drama/stress/negativity/hate that they brought over each and every weekend for six years was overwhelming.