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Woman (Step-Girlfriend) murdered by ex-wife

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This is the news story I woke up to, it made me want to come here and take role count. Sad how such a bright beautiful young woman was robbed of her life due to someone elses divorce baggage.  Please think about the situation and possible danger you are putting yourself into.  


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I saw this! Really sad. Lest there be any confusion, I was not the step-girlfriend killed by our Crazy BM. *blum3* 

It's amazing this doesn't happen to more of us, with all the psycho BM's we deal with.


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Glad you're ok. I totally didn't mean to insinuate it was you with your user name!  Yes there's a lot of craziness that happens when we inadvertly insert ourselves into someone elses train wreck. This young womans situation reminds me of so many stories on this board where they are being harassed, verbally and sometimes physically assaulted by a bm or skid.  We often wonder when will it end or what the end result will be. For this woman it was murder.  

My counselor warned me to be very careful, distance and protect myself from ss after I told her of his verbal abuse and petty thefts.  Our DH's, BF's, SO's, cannot and sometimes will not protect us from their crazy offspring or exes.  I applaude all of the women who have walked away from these crazy situations to a brighter and safer future.  Sometimes it's really not you that's the problem or even your SO, but you can't undo the karma they've created by marrying and creating children with a psychopath.  

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My 1st concern was you!

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Thanks SU!

When I first moved in, my SO and skids would always leave the door unlocked when they left. I shut that down real quick, and if we ever left a key for skids we hid it and they were not to tell anyone where it was. After all of the things Crazy did and said, I was not going to underestimate her. My SO has this mentality of "she's crazy, but she wouldn't do x". People never think killers would do it and are always soo shocked.

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This was the top comment: "A man with that much baggage, young babies, crazy x harassing you, not ever worth it."

I agree. If our BM had ever harassed me or been violent, I would not have stayed. 

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Okay I went and read the comments... Quite a few of them anyways. I have to say I was actually disgusted. A lot of them made sense. But there were quite a few that were syaing the divorce was caused by an affair. That the relationship was older than 6 months, etc. etc. No comment of the murder being wrong and full completely of speculation, no proof of anything... Why do people feel the need to trash the dead? It's like theyr'e sitting there justifying the murder. Which was COMPLETELY senseless and NOT OKAY!!!

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When people hurl insults, it is usually more a reflection on the speaker than on the subject. I would speculate that the nasty commenters are nasty people. The comments trashing the victim are most likely bitter exes themselves. Nobody likes to think they themselves are a bad person, so people will often do or say just about anything to justify their actions. A cheater says everyone cheats. A thief says everyone steals. A bitter, psychotic ex says everyone murders....

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This makes me so sad!!! Sad

The comment at the end from her sister saying in hindsight the cops should have been called every time. They should ALWAYS be called if they get violent... No one should have to put up with that. :( 

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Horribly tragic. How can an ex be so hateful? Not only for what she has done to another woman, but what she has done to her own young children? I am very sad for the families involved.

(This is pretty much the ugly side of the Brady bunch that no one believes people here go through.)

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It is so horrible and so typical of how these BM's act (minus the murder) when they see someone have the family they, in most cases, destroyed in the first place by their actions and behavior.  How many of us here have dealt with crazy BM's that were so busy with their own lives and not giving a sh** until we all came in the picture.  

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I read this too, and it really hit a nerve! Our crazy BM, ToxicTroll, she and her ex boyfriend used to get into big fights, things would always escalate. Each time was worse than before. THEN, one night, we both get a text from Toxic Feral Eldest, that she just got choked and body slammed and slapped by her mother. I had been told by SO (now DH) that as violent as BM was with him, it would never migrate to the children, ever. And then it did.

I researched things of this nature. People escalate because they are testing the boundaries of what they can get away with. Once that physical barrier of violence is broken, it is more okay.

And the violent crazy creature was in the school system as a TEACHER. Like my crazy BM, Toxic Troll. Worked with autistic children for years, and recently got let go.

It is very sad that we are ever put in this position, of not feeling safe, not being safe. Those poor sweet children! All of it is just aweful.

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Voldemort is evil enough to do something like this, but too cowardly.  She's more the type to try to con someone else into doing it for her, then denying it.  We keep our door locked at all times, but I can't really rule out her manipulating Killjoy into letting someone in.  It's a real fear I have, but DH thinks I'm crazy.  She's capable of anything.


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Until it does.

DH thinks that I am too sensitive, but Toxic Troll has busted into our house before, and yelled at us in the morning while we were still sleeping.

Toxic Troll has an abusive past, and abusive personality. She used to steal the key from her daughter, during the separation, and camp out at DH's house. She lacks significant boundaries. It will be a while before Munchkin SD12 will get her own key.

And I am changing the locks. Toxic Feral Eldest still has a key to my knowledge and she cannot be trusted either.

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The murder victim - Lisa - looks like a beautiful, joyous young lady. In a country that makes excuses for perpetrators (oh, they had a horrid childhood, or aw she couldn't see her kids) and blames victims, I am not surprised to see a story like this. Saddened, but unfortunately not surprised.

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in my old neighbourhood.  Biodad and SM won custody and meth BM hired a hitman (her SO's buddy) to kill biodad and SM, which was successful.  Tough to lose the cash prizes (CP BM's CS)

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murderous PASed out skids as well