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Not sure that this is the place ... but... good read.

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This is a decent read.  The comments by the readers are interesting as well.

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Great perspective from a dad who seems to have it together. It would be nice if all divorced parents acted in this manner. 

Now we need an article on how to react when kids go to dad and say 'why did you break up our family and stop taking care of us".

In this instance HCBM left. Dad paid/pays an exhorbinant amount of child support/alimony and HCBM didn't/doesn't work. And dad shares 50/50 custody. Yet fills the kids heads with how awful dad is. How awful SM is because she caused the break up (even though SM didn't come along for many years after). And how it is just unfair. 

Now that is an article many of us would be interested in ;) 


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Hopefully DH tunes them with the facts.  If not, he needs to.

IMHO of course.

And yes, that would be a great article... err...  novel..... er series of novels.  Thats what I meant.

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I always wonder about my SD7 asking this.... when she was only a year old BM had an affair with my SO's best friend. They are now married and the best friend is SD's stepdad. I wonder what we are supposed to tell her ?