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update on "my house isn't a shelter for homeless animals"

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YAY! Dh worked it out so the Bull mastiff dog (who is part pit) is going to go live with ss19. Ss19 just moved into his own tiny one bedroom house but it has a big fenced yard. Yesterday we called him and asked if he could take the dog if we help him with the expense of getting the dog fixed and help out with food if needed. Ss19 can bring him on visits weekly. The original owner was actually ss19's childhood friend, so the dog is going to be taken care of by all of us, we'll all pitch in for his care, even original owner said he'd send money up from college once in awhile for food or toys. Whew, problem solved, but we had to really sit down and pound this one out b/c I am not going to let my cat suffer on account of a dog.

The other problem is dh's lies. I addressed this too and he admitted to lying by omission and when I told him that he'd get better responses from me if he just outright told me the awful truth he agreed to do better. We also have a marriage counseling session set for next week!

Anyhow, I know some of you think I'm a woosy but taking out a gun is simply not my style (foxie lol you made me smile) and working it out to find a home for this dog was so relieving for me. The dog is a good animal, just not in a household with a cat!

So just thought I'd update on that since it was a stressful weekend for me. :O


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"I addressed this too and he admitted to lying by omission "

"When I got home DH was explaining to me that this kid's house sunk half way into a sink hole and he needed to go to a hotel and they did not take pets so we had to take the dog early. We weren't supposed to get him til late August if we got him at all...DH told me this story about the house sinking and the plight of this young man and I gave in. Well it turns out that there was no sink hole (I went and looked at the house) and not only that but the guy is still living in his house"

Silver - I feel for you, how horrible to give this man everything in his hour of need and be $h!t on. You are deluding yourself. This is not a lie of omission but a full out lie designed to manipulate you!