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update on home purchase thingy - OT

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So now our landlord is majorly breathing down our neck to move, and threatening an eviction. Some people are saying we should rent a motel until the house closes, but DH with cancer and declining somewhat lately would not handle two moves, plus how can I afford to rent a motel for $90/day (cheapest in our town with pets) and rent a storage unit for $150? I mean, I can barely pay bills and rent as it is. My down payment and closing is being very protected in a separate account and I am NOT touching that money unless I back out of this purchase deal and need it for first, last and deposit on a rental. I cannot wait until dh's social security kicks in. In fact I am thinking maybe we should have waited until we're receiving that money before buying but we started this buying process before applying for ssi. Ahk, life stinks sometimes hey?


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Ok. The house loan has been APPROVED, they're just waiting on one last paystub from me. The closing date is set for 5/13 and I get my last paystub 5/8 and the LL wants us out the 30th, so we are literally 8 days from being in our own home. I sure as heck don't want her to ruin my chance at finally owning after months of looking and finding a home, and approval process.

Ok thanks ladies, I finally have my head screwed on straight again. If any of you watch Survivor, I feel like DAWN, going crazy but then a good nights sleep is gonna make things ok again! lol

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As a landlord I appreciate when my tenants communicate with me. Pay the rent for the entire month and they might back off. It's less then hotel fees etc and should put ll at ease.

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I don't understand why the ll is upset. If you are paying rent then I don't get why he is so upset.

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Me neither. Most landlords won't even START an eviction process until the person is at least a month behind in rent.

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OP, I'm going to say something to you that I'm surprised no one else has thus far.
If you're this broke, this "to the penny," and this financially tight, you should absolutely not be buying a house right now. Honestly, I'm surprised you got approved with no "back up savings," unless you put something wonky on your application.

Take a huge step back. You are teetering on financial ruin, pinching pennies, and making what will likely be the largest purchase or your life.

Where is your financial safety net???

What are you going to do if you're ordered to return some of that tax money to XH???