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not gonna happen... part effin 3

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I know, you all are getting tired of my household drama but I swear this beats all.

SS19's gf turns out she's not pregnant. She started her period last night after I finally agreed they could move in here for a few days. I caught her throwing a pad deep into the garbage and me in my curious discusting mode, went digging for that pad after hours and low and behold it was soaked in ,,, ya you guessed it.

Shit so totally hit the fan b/c it turns out she was pregnant but did some meth and some other drugs and aborted the baby ON PURPOSE. Ss19 is so upset he can hardly function, DH and I are so happy we can hardly keep our broad smiles in check while ss19 cries like a baby.

So now dh is sending the girl out the door this morning and ss19 into the military! YUP! WOOT!


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DH and I KNOW he dodged a bullet but he cannot see it yet. Dh is taking him down to the recruiting office TODAY. He said he's getting ss19 into the military before he can manage to (excuse the language) get another hard on. }:)

DH also told the gf she is not welcome in this home anymore. DH is so furious that she lied to us and led us on just to get a place to live. She is from Bermuda and DH told her to call her uncle and ask him to buy her a one way ticket home.

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Did some meth

Those are words that I don't want to hear in reference to anyone who even knows someone that I know. That stuff is BAD.

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I know, that's why we are angry cuz if she knew she was preg then it's even worse...