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not gonna happen...part 5

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Well things have finally all come out. It took a couple days to get the whole story but here's what I am told (however, what I am told and what is the truth is always TBD). Ss19's gf is in fact pregnant but she had told ss19 that next week when she goes in for a sonogram that if there is anything wrong with the baby that she is too young to want to raise a disabled child so she'd want an abortion but couldn't afford it so her and a couple of her friends would likely use meth or something.(my feelings don't count in this b/c it's not my prob - tho I am not for abortion - and definately if you ARE going to do that at least get it done professionally). Ss19 misunderstood her and thought she'd already used the drugs to try to abort. Now why I found a bloddy pad in the garbage she explained that she was spotting and thought that it meant the baby is not normal. She is only 19 and I guess she is not very educated about pregnancies so I am not sure what is going on, however I did tell her she needs to get in to her OBGYN and have that sonogram so she can find out what is going on. Her home preg test showed positive but she has not been in yet to see a doc.

Anyways their apartment is available in less then a week. Today they're opening up all their accounts for phone, power etc. Just one more week!


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Please just give her the money to abort. You'd honestly prefer she'd do drugs in an attempt to self-abort??

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Thatgirl, I didn't say I supported using drugs at all, I actually said that if she's going to do the abortion at least get professional help through something like planned parenthood or something.

Anyhow, yes, this drug head is still in my house. I cannot do anything about this. My hands are tied tight b/c like someone said in an earlier post, once they're in it gets harder to get them out. They are moving this thurs, at least according to their lease agreement.

They got onto foodstamps and have been buying things to eat even though O told them to save it until they move and then they can stock their cupboards/fridge. Well last night dh told me ss sold $100 worth of food stamps for $100 so they could go out last night. I was flippin mad. Then this morning I saw a nasty note on the pantry door saying that if anyone is caught eating anything with initials on it they'd get beaten up. OMG, I freaked on ss19, I yelled how dare you buy and bring food in here and then ex[ect no one to eat it when it's stored in our fridge/freezer/pantry. If you don't want to share then put it elsewhere. AND what about all the freakin food you ate and worse yet prepared and then let spoil last year when you were living with us - and it was all bought by my hard earned money, NOT DAMN FOODSTAMPS! ARG

Anyhow, they'er moving out soon and I told DH this is the third time we've taken ss19 into our home and "strike 3, he's out forever". We are in the process of buying a home and I have started looking at smaller homes just so we don't have room for anyone to come camp out in out house again.

Thanks for listening.