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So You Think YOUR BM is Crazy... Read this

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BM called DH several times in a row from a blocked number and hung up and dialed right back. She then unblocked her number so he answered.

This is what I heard:

No, I'm not recording you. What? What? I cant hear you.... Now I can hear you.


She's clearly lost her rocker. She knows DH has a RO against her (which is why she asked if she was being recorded). She told DH that she missed him and he could tell she was crying. He just hung up on her.

(Side note: this is the woman who cheated on him like crazy, decided to leave DH and SS (who was less than 5) and go be a lesbian EIGHT Years ago, popped his tires several times and put sugar in his gas tank, and knows we've been together for 3 yearss, and still lives with the woman she left DH for).

A few minutes later she called back. I answered. She didn't say anything and I told her not to call.

A few minutes later, DH receives a text:

"Man I wanna fuck. Sorry. HOrney... I wan dis"

Classy right?

Then a few minutes later, she texted again:

"Sorry wrong person"

Pitiful? Why Yes, BM you are!


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Already filed the police report!!!!

The funny thing is that he just filed a police report a few weeks ago about her breaking the order and she told SS on Friday that she couldn't get him early because DH will call the cops on her for breaking the order.

She's clearly having some sort of break down.

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She breaks it all the time. He has recently subtracted filing reports when she breaks it and she'll go silent for a while.

Like I said. I think she's unravelling.

She received the order from CSS stating that she has to pay support, provide health and split med bills.

She's probably in a fight with her girlfriend and going down her list of people to call to try and make herself feel better. That list must be pretty long if she thought dh was someone who gives a fu!! About her.

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That's how I've been all morning. Like what the hell is that crazy bia thinking?!

Dh just keeps saying he's sorry and reminding me that the first time we met one if the first things he told me was that his ex was a crack head.