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What ever happend with ANNE?????

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It's Friday and I am trying to work but am just not feeling it today.

Soooooo....I was wondering, What has happened in the Latest Saga of Anne?? Has she finally seen the light?? Dumped the Hot Boyfriend???

We need another installment of this Saga!!!!!!


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I thought in the last Anne installment she started keeping her life to herself since the OP and the friends had that intervention?

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HAHA! I'm SOOOOOO bored at work today and just happened to pop by for a visit. The last day of work before vacation is utter abject misery!

I haven't shared much on the Ann front because it really seems to have died down a lot. Here and there she'll mention how they're all going to do this or that together, or she and Hottie are having a date night or whatnot, but she's barely mentioned the "skids" at all, and she's gotten her BS (Chris) into weekly counseling.

It seems that MAYBE the intervention stuck with her, at least in certain ways. I mean, before, it was like she was OBSESSED with Hottie's daughter. I don't know if she's not spending as much time with her as she once was, or if she is and just isn't regaling us with the gory details. Not sure.

The Hot Nanny is still employed, but I've heard not a peep about her other than that she still takes care of the kids after school.

So, sorry, but no news!

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Aw, no Sailor updates? No news on finding the Nanny's skivvies in the bathroom? Bummer!

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Well it was worth a shot...I was kindof Hoping Anne had finally had her fill and thrown Hottie out on his ear.