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Snow Days

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WTH!!  Why does it always seem like the school has a delayed day or snow day when we have YSS???  Really?  

Just venting here.  For some reason YSS has been getting on my nerves lately.   He isn’t doing anything malicious or on purpose to annoy me.   Just the blind self centered behavior of a teenager, the loud eating, lazy behavior and overall pouting when he doesn’t get his way.

i predict before the summer is over, YSS will stop coming around.  He is getting to the age where BM will put on the PAS thick since he will be the last kid at home.   And he doesn’t need daycare so he can run off and do her think without needing to deal with him. 

I feel slightly guilty about feeling so negative about yss when he hasn’t done anything. Maybe after all these years of step he’ll i am just at my limit with kids.


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I remember snow days when my boys  were young and I was a teacher. What a joy to be snowed in with those little guys. Some outside time then some warm drinks and comfort food and some Disney Channel. What a joy those boys were.

For us every day is a skid day so snow days are WTF days. My plans of having the house to myself while everyone is at school gets trampled by their loud obnoxious mouths. Next time I think there is a threat of snow, I should accidentally get snowed in to my parents' house. We haven't had one yet this year.

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Maybe I'm the oddball, but it wasn't every snow day that I was glad to have my 3 kids home. They are 3 years apart and some days were fun, while some days, their being home interfered with my plans for the day. Bickering, noise and making demands, yada yada.

I loved being a mom, but my days at home, alone, were precious.

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Pudding! Lmao!! I can only imagine what a loud eater would do with pudding... gross. Lol

OP, I feel the same way about my skids.

Technically, all they do these days is lay in bed on their phones all weekend long. Sometimes I seriously wonder why necrosis hasn't set in.

But, without an apology, remorse, and clear "changing of the ways," once we have been traumatized by our skids awful, nightmarish behavior, that trauma will forever linger. 
I do sometimes refer to it as resentment, but it is actually just severe tension from PTSD. My skids being in my home is a trigger for the hell they used to put us all through. It is hard to believe that someone has changed unless they show signs of remorse... and I've never seen any from my skids.

I am certainly projecting here, but just throwing it out there in case you can relate.