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OT - host/hostess gift

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Hi guys! I know this is a very diverse group, so any ideas are appreciated! SO and I are headed to Germany and will be staying with a business friend of his (and his wife) for 3 days while we are there. I immediately said that we need to bring them a nice gift to thank them. SO is an amateur woodworker, so he made them a cookbook stand. Their children are grown and they have a 2 year old grandbaby.

Thoughts on a nice host/hostess gift? I was trying to think of something that perhaps they couldn't/wouldn't see or be able to get in Germany. The only thing I could think of was something like a Lenox vase. ??

Thanks hive mind!


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My FSIL just had her bridal shower and she received a wooden rolling pin with my family's last name engraved. I thought it was the simplest yet most sincere gift I've seen in a long time. And it would go perfectly with your cookbook stand.

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As well as the other suggestions I'd bring treats. If the family are American they probably have favourite US brands that aren't easy to get in Europe. Hershey's kisses, pepperidge farm cookies, candy corn, etc

Can you find out if there's something(s) that they really miss?

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Thanks for all the great ideas!

I probably should have mentioned that the husband is German, and his wife is Filipina. I *think* they've probably lived in Germany for a while (their entire married life)? I know they just returned from a long visit to the Phillipines.