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BIOThursday - Is that still a thing?

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Cause I need to vent. How can you BREATHE with your head jammed so far up your ass SD17?

Seriously worrying about this kid's looming failure to launch. Her driver's permit is MIA...who knows if and when she, or a parental figure, will take the initiative to replace it. Deadline to sign up for next round of SATs is today. Who knows if that has happened?

I know she's smoking pot in our house again. The sudden interest in burning the candle in the bathroom, and a mysteriously appearing and disappearing can of spray air freshener are dead giveaways.

I'm sure there will be tears and another round of "I'm sad and want anti-depressants and therapy" if she doesn't get into her first choice of colleges. (Newsflash: The ADD meds, the pot, and the anti-depressants are PROBABLY working against each other.)

Her father is trying to train her to take some initiative in her own life, but he's equally as frustrated with her. Her mother can barely manage her own life. And everyone seems to think that the pot is just something kids are gonna do. (Her father is too scared to have her take a drug test, and mommy thinks it's too much an invasion of her privacy.) HELLLLOOOOO! You guys OWN her ass until he's no longer a dependent. Woman up and get it done.

And I'm doing what I can to stick to the plan of moving away with my guy when SD17 finishes high school next year. I sincerely hope that this child's lack of interest in her life doesn't screw that up. Is it weird that I'm thinking moving to Germany might actually be far enough away?


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BIOT to the stupid bitch who just left my office. i dont give a shit what "that other lady" told you, the FUCKING OFFICE MANAGER is telling you we're not giving you SHIT until you 'see' someone to sign a damn liability waiver!

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BIOT to once AGAIN having MOTY waiting until the last possible moment to let us know that yes - even though DH is working all labor day weekend we will have SS13 because her grandmother is going to have a nurse coming into her house to take care of her and they (MOTY family) want to be sure it will work.

Explain to me how this keeps SS13 from staying at his house with his BM and SF instead of me - the SM?