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Taking bets...

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So the 17 yr old is supposed to take her road test on Friday. We're in NJ, so new drivers must put orange decals on their license plates. Mom and Dad will not require that, but it IS required to take your road test. Also, 17's technical address is Mom's house, so she will need parental proof of address to get her license. (Assuming she passes her road test...AHAHAHAHA!)

She's with us this week, so Dad is going to (most likely take time off work to) take her to her test.

BIOThursday - Is that still a thing?

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Cause I need to vent. How can you BREATHE with your head jammed so far up your ass SD17?

Seriously worrying about this kid's looming failure to launch. Her driver's permit is MIA...who knows if and when she, or a parental figure, will take the initiative to replace it. Deadline to sign up for next round of SATs is today. Who knows if that has happened?

I know she's smoking pot in our house again. The sudden interest in burning the candle in the bathroom, and a mysteriously appearing and disappearing can of spray air freshener are dead giveaways.

OT - host/hostess gift

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Hi guys! I know this is a very diverse group, so any ideas are appreciated! SO and I are headed to Germany and will be staying with a business friend of his (and his wife) for 3 days while we are there. I immediately said that we need to bring them a nice gift to thank them. SO is an amateur woodworker, so he made them a cookbook stand. Their children are grown and they have a 2 year old grandbaby.

how do you treat college tuition credits on taxes

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Another blog made me research this a little more. Skid will be off to college in 3 years. Although her mother may pay something, the bulk of the cash for college will come from SO. They alternate claiming Skid every other year. But it seems that you can only get the tuition credit on your taxes IF you are claiming the child that year.

Giving each other the difference in taxes each year won't happen. Mom doesn't understand big concepts like that, and will just think SO is trying to screw her.

How have others dealt with this?