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Love it when the Know-It-All goes DOWN

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Didn't get a chance to post on Sunday or Monday, but PrincASS15, the little Know-It-All was WRONG.

They were talking about the size of Germany. PrincASS15 claimed it was bigger than Texas.
DH: Sorry buddy, but Texas is bigger.
PrincASS: I don't think so.
DH: Texas is actually MUCH larger - probably around twice the size of Germany.
PrincASS: I doubt it.
DH: Aniki honey, will you look that up? (Darn tootin' I will!!!)
Aniki: Germany is 137,903 square miles. Texas is 268,820 square miles. So Texas IS almost twice the size of Germany.

PrincASS said nothing. Just turned around and lumbered off. Bahahahahaaaaaaa!!!!!

I think it's absolutely hilarious that this twit thinks he knows more than DH. When DH doesn't know something, he admits it. When he's right, he simply proves it without being condescending. PrincASS has NEVER been right going up against DH. }:)


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My skid1 knows everything too. It's so annoying, and even when you prove him wrong he refuses to admit it.

Yup, bud, your 7th grade education is so much more complete than my Master's level learnin'. Sure.

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Exactly, because all the bloody text books and encylopedias and such are WRONG. Uh huh...

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My BS5 does this thing that I am praying he grows out of because it drives me nuts!!!

BS5: Is 10 bigger than 5?
Daizy: Yes, BS, 10 is bigger than 5
BS5: No it's not

GRRRRRRRR I keep telling him, stop asking me questions if you're not going to listen to the answer! He BETTER grow out of this crap! Sad

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Nah, dd12 does it too, drives me insane! To the point where I have had a few chats with her about not being such a know it all, and being able to admit when she's wrong.

With her it's mostly pronunciation though, she insists her way is right when it's not (she's hearing impaired) and will NOT be told otherwise or stop saying things wrong!

Drives me batty :/

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I don't know if DH has spoken to PrincASS about being a know-it-all. He should! PrincASS is NOT hearing impaired and DH corrects him on pronounciations. To which PrincASS always replies "WHATever" and continues blathering on about some ~yawn~ fascinating subject.

I admit I take pleasure in the following:

PigPen says something silly.
PrincASS responds with something-something "...child."
And I ALWAYS follow up with "Says one child to the other."

PrincASS HATES that. I suppose he thinks that because he's pushing 16 and is 5'11" that he's an adult. He keeps up with his smarmy, know-it-all assitude, and someone will feed him a knuckle sammich.

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My BS (who is also 5) may very well be smarter than me.

Me: "What the....? How did you get in here!? I locked the door!"
BS5 : "Hee hee...Silly Daddy..."

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I am SO grateful that my DH doesn't do that! He doesn't believe in allowing the kid to go on believing something wrong is the correct answer. My brothers never pulled this poop on our Dad. Is this a newer generation thing??

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At least your skid has some idea about the country. The only thing my skid knows about Germany is some vague reference to it in "Call of Duty"

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But Drac0, don't you know the LIFE EXPERIENCES these skids are obtaining by playing?? 95% of what I heard in the car on Saturday was "Hey Dad, in this game I'm playing/played...". Yeah, because everything worth knowing in the universe revolves around your stupid games.

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My SS prescribes to this theorem. He is CONSTANTLY trying to engage DW in what "cool" thing he discovered in the latest video game he is playing despite DW telling him point blank "I AM NOT INTERESTED IN LISTENING TO YOU TALK ABOUT YOUR VIDEO GAMES!".

Unfortunately, SS prescribes to this logical thinking.

"I like X, therefore my Mom also likes X."

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I am in the same boat. Dominatrix, when she was 15, openly posted in FB "Is Boston in Mexico?"

She was absolutely serious.

She is now in the 10th grade and reads at a 5-6th grade level.

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Neither of the skids wear deordorant. I'm pretty sure it's against PrincASS15's religion to sweat and the boy does everything possible to avoid moving anything other than his mouse hand. We were out for a few hours on Saturday (walking, standing, sitting) and he needed a 3 HOUR NAP when we got home. PigPen, well, all the deodorant in the world won't help when the boy is a walking landfill.

I worked my BUTT off to get our house clean and organized and that included the boys' room. I told DH never again and we came to the agreement that anything left on the floor when they leave is destined for the trash. One lost a brand new shirt. Last week, we told them that anything left in the living room will be thrown away, including games, dvds, and game controllers. Now, DH knows I would NOT throw away this stuff, but it WILL go into a box for a few weeks. I'm taking back control of our home!

As for the food, if I'm cooking, they have to eat it. If DH cooks microwave/premade freezer stuff that I loathe, I go out to eat. Not my fault that BioMonster has them accustomed to eating crap.

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PrincASS is into history. That, and gaminng are all he cares about. DH is a history buff with a focus on WWII. If DH doesn't know it, it's probably obscure. I excelled in foreign language, literature, and English so PrincASS will never ask me anything. Thank GOD.

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Ahhhhhh....I could not stand the 13-17 I know everything years. Bah. I truly feel for you on this one.

H's kid was the same way.

She still is to a certain degree (19 now). I'll be happy when she grows completely out of it.

Or not....Uberskank is a know it all.

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"They were talking about the size of Germany. PrincASS15 claimed it was bigger than Texas"

BWA HA HA HA HA!!! What a MaROON!!!

DS used to try and correct me by saying "actually" blah blah blah.

I nipped that au contraire crap in the bud. Usually it was over something simple or tiny. But WOW, just WOW to be THAT IGNORANT to say that Germany is bigger than Texas!!!

Just WOW!!

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But PrincASS knows EVERYTHING!!! Obviously, everyone else is wrong!

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Bahahahahaaaaaa!!! Every time DH corrects PrincASS, I'm biting my tongue. Then again, I'm often biting my tongue to keep from telling him what a complete wuss he is. Maybe we can get some tongue glue...

None of my siblings or I ever did this stuff. Dad is a very smart man. Like DH, if he didn't know the answer, he admits it AND he looks it up. But none of us ever tried to "one up" the old man with our "superiority". Today's generation... ~shudder~

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Sally, I don't get into an argument with PrincASS. He was trying to show off to my DH. And he FAILED!!! The little moron could have looked it up just as easily as I did. And I only looked it up because my phone has internet connection and DH asked. Naturally, I was MORE than happy to do so to allow DH to prove what a pinhead PrincASS is!

If PrincASS ever came to me with a question, I would tell him to ask his Dad or to look it up. But I doubt he ever will as he probably thinks I'm too stupid to know anything. I avoid speaking to him as much as possible. It's an AWESOME weekend when I never have to say one word to them!!

"You never asked me" LOL - go Sally!!!