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Damn it damn it damn it-quit testing me!!!!!!!

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I have had about all the BM I can stand for one weekend. So you alll read the last blogabut being tested. Well aparently I wasn't out of the woods yet. Bm is supposed to bring the kids home at 7:30 tonight, so at 5 I get a text from her asking me if SS17 is here! This is like the tenth time she has asked me where HER kid was on HER days? WTF? So I didn't even answer cause she's a moron and I don't want to talk to her. Plus she was still on my asshole list for giving me and my folks dirty looks yesterday. So what does she do- she come over to my house! I'm like really, now you only look like more of a loser! The kid only has about 3 friends he really hangs out with and I have never had trouble getting hold of him. Also, when he is at my house Monday thru Friday, he doesn't pull this crap-ever! He always calls us and tells us where he is and when he'll be home and who he's with. Do you know why? Number one-we ask!!!! Duh-he can't leave my house unless I have a name and a number. Number 2-we have consequences and actually enforce them! Which nicely brings me to my second point. DH called her once she finally found him and she gave him no punishment!!! Dumbshit-that's why he does that to you! It's like trying to raise a kid for 5 days a wek the right way and then starting over every week because n the weekends he gets what he wants. BM absolutely refused to punish those kids-she's afraid they will hate her even more! i am stuck, I don't know if it's right to punish SS17 for what he did at his mom's because he never does it over here. We will tell him again that if he is told to call someone by noon, they should not be frantically looking for him 5 hours later, but then again, why the hell did it take BM until 5pm to start worrying if he should have called at noon? Arrrrrggghhhh I am so frustrated! P.S. I did play nicey when she came over, but I also told her if it was me, my parents would have taken away my keys, my truck and my life all in one shot!


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I was freaking out and ready to go looking for him. tehn he casually strolls in the door and it turned out he had a thing at school. I almost killed him. So anyway, she finally found him and he came home and guess what? He told his mom some bullsh** crap story and of course she believed it. Now my DH on the other hand started off an hour long conversation with "don't you tell me that crap you told your mom"...and so our wonderful son told him the whole story and nothing but the truth. We were not pleased, but at least he felt like he could tell us when he did something stupid. So I guess I am not happy with him, but I am leaving it be for now. DH dealt with it (yay)and SS17 told us the truth which is more than I can say for most 17 year olds who had been out doing things they weren't supposed to.

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