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No wonder the skids hate their mom's place....

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I have heard several stories so far from SS16 about how his moms new hubby is an ass. And based on those stories I do think he is very weird and kind of an ass... a little background-at first BM moved to another county to be wth her new man and they stayed in a tiny tiny one bedroom condo (the kids didnt want to visit there cause theres no room) so they sold the condo and moved into BM's hubby"s mom house that sat empty-this house had a cabin on the lot with it. Both house and cabin were kinda shitty and rundown and have big bug issues! So now the kids go see BM at this place and usually sleep in the cabin and the adults sleep in the house and the kids in the cabin. This is ok except BM's hubby is realy weird and wont spray for bugs so there are roaches everywhere-blech! So SS16 who now hates BM's hubby just hides in the cabin when he has to be there. The only reason now that she has the kids visit there instead of being in this town in her old house for the weekends is to have the kids do work there-not smart-now they really don't wanna go. SO>>>>the last saga was that she had left her rat dog in the cabin for a whole day and it chewed everything in site and made a big mess----the kids were made to clean it up when they got there, but-according to BM's new hubby-the kids didn't clean well enough-so their punishment--------oh it gets better---their punishment is that they are no longer aloud in the cabin, they have to stay in the house with BM and her hubby who they hate AND they have to sleep on the floor-THE TILE FLOOR! wow-way to make your kids wanna come visit you. the two oldest SS16 and SS18 have made it very clear that was their last trip there and they will not be returning to that place. They will visit their mom when she is here in her old house and they have a room to go hide in, but thats it....this is so sad! at least they will stand up to her now and tell her they're not going. i still feel very bad for them though. what a joke!