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Still going good

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Well SS has been in his apartment for about a month.  He'll probably be getting a roommate soon.  The other roommates parent's didn't think their newly 18 year old son was ready for such responsibility.  My DH seemed shocked this was the case.   Um hello.  The only way SS is affording this apartment is he is not.  Mom gives him and SD $600 a month in addition to paying for the apartment along with furnishing it.  When the washer needed a new motor she bought a new one instead.  DH has already ordered the part to repair it but oh well,   It of course started to leak and SS called mom who called dad to come over to fix it before DH told SS that since it was not put in correctly the installers needed to come back and fix it.   Now the floor is torn up and DH spent hours on the phone trying to get the installers to come and repair the floor.  So SS is adulting quite well. 

Meanwhile DD is calling the landlord on her own to fix the problems that were noted upon move in.  She is paying rent on her own and handling the issues that come up with rentals on her own.   She also managed to get another job to suppplment her income. 

SD is living in her pajamas.   She spends most of her days asleep or playing games.   She sent a email to the driving school to see if they could give her the driving test however hadn't heard back from them.  I don't know if the driving school would give a driving test to someone who is not their client.  We'll have to see.  The last three days it doesn't look like she's taken a shower and she still has the cough from a few weeks ago.   A couple of days ago it was still too cold when I left for work to let the dog out.   My son arrived back at my house from his dad's and let the dog out.    DH said if I had texted SD she would have let the dog out.  Well yes, but I don't have to text the others about letting the dog out.  Oh well.  

Life is actually pretty good right now.  The air feels calmer.