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So Far, All is Going Well

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Count me shocked.   Its been a week since SS moved into his apartment.    The lease was signed by BM and him.  She has bought him a couch and some minor things here and there.   DH brought over a card table we had in the shed for him to use as a table until one can be bought as well as some glasses and mugs along with SS coffee grinder and drip set he's had for two years and hardly used.   Now he can have coffee.    A washer and dryer set was purchased by BM, however, they were lacking feet which DH bought .  They arrived today and he took them over so he could hook up the washer and dryer.  Lo and behold the washer doesn't work and needs a new motor.    DH texted the number of a repair man since he will be unavailable next week to fix the washer for SS.   Bill will probably be sent to BM.  SS did work tonight for about six hours at a minimum wage job so he is on his way earning money to pay the $1200 a month rent.  I can only hope that utilities are included as that is going to be steep once he has to take over payments which will probably never happen.  

SD front is getting interesting.  She went out of state for the day with friends and has now developed a cough.   She was tested and it came back negative for COVID.  She doesn't leave the house very often as she doesn't have a job but will now be staying here until she gets her driver's license before heading back to Califronia with mom.  Or maybe she'll stay here.  If she stays here she should get a job but who knows.   She is taking online courses in something so at least she's being productive. 

BM was going to leave today to return to California.   However, due to the COVID conditions between here and California has elected to stay here until next month.  Okay.  So now BM is paying for a 1300/month townhouse here for herself , a $1200/month townhouse for her son and who knows how much a month for a place in California.   Yes she has a lot of money and yes the kids will be screwed if something should happen to her job and she can't afford to put them up.

I have to say the house feels calmer,  its quiter and not as much drama with the two of the Skids gone.   



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I say, pray for BM to keep her job and all to go well with SS in his apartment; and for SD to pass her driver's test and go to California ASAP. (How is BM able to move between states and keep her high-paying job?)  That way your life will be much easier.