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Ok, new thermostat is installed.
I don't have to install the lock on it because built into the programming is a max temp! It's not easy to get to and one needs table code instructions to do it. So viola, temp control!!! }:)

Meanwhile the other day our furnace fan hasn't turning off, thermo replacement didn't fix it and waiting on furnace repair person to stop by. So no heat! At least it's not that cold yet and we have a heating stove for the upstairs... I am prayibg it's not a furnace replacement.


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either your tstat is set to "on" instead of auto
or a limit is open.
if your limits arent open then its a bad board. is this a carrier?

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Both thermos were set to auto for certain. What is a limit? I've got daily limits set. Heat is working, fan just won't turn off unless I throw the breaker.

What's a Carrier?

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Ah! Nope.
I've got it down to either a short in the wiring (unlikely since nothing there's changed) or the panel/switch. I'll need the furnace guy for both of those things. He's cool so it shouldn't be too bad.

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Oh I can't wait for the update where you tell us SD and DH had a melt down because SD can't fiddle with it any more

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I gave DH a hint already.
No one else has access to the codes.

...and we may not have ANY heat until Wed/Thurs...due to schedules.
They will be fine - it's sunny and moderate out, which heats up the house quite nicely.