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now the rule breaking

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well we'll see.  Since it was a safety issue I mentioned it to dad.   SS has a driver's license that only allows him to have one friend in the car with him.  He can have multiple family members but only one friend unless they have been licensed for 3 years and are over 21.  Neither of his friends met that criteria.    So I mentioned something to his dad.  He had told his dad that he can have two friends in the car.  If he gets pulled over it will extend his probation license for 30 days.  Not a major offense but what else is he doing? 



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Hopefully he isn't being that much of a dumbass. If he's on probation, even stupider.

God protect & save these skids from themselves. I prayed a lot for my SS when he rode around with friends at that age, snd since he's now finally driving. Fortunately, he's a really good driver.