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To do or not to do

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Well its been great.   SS is still living in his apartment with a roommate and couch surfer.   He applied for three jobs but didn't get any of them.   SD is living with her mother , still doesn't have a driving license (that may change today as she has her driving test today) and playing SIMS all day, though I guess she got a job at mom's office as a receptionist earning 22 dollars a hour.  That puts her earning more than her dad.  We'll see how long this job lasts. 

BM is running out of money.  How I'm not really sure but maybe paying for two locations plus the medical bills of herself and the kids.   SD got food poisoning while at a wedding at had to go to the ER to the tune of 2000.00.  Needless to say a car for SD is out of the picture from mom.   Dad is looking into a cheap used car.   When we recently visited SD her room was hot because she doesn't want to open the window.  The rest of the house was comfortable.  However, we bought her a air conditioning unit.  Now she could afford her own.   Oh well.

I did overhear my DH tell his nephew that his stepkids have it together however, his kids are still struggling.  Hello, if you do everything for your kids you have to continue to do for them.  

So now I have reached a thought I am tossing about in my head.   It is my DS birthday tomorrow and we are planning on taking him out to dinner , last year we asked SS to join which he did not, turning down food at one of his favorite places in town.   Since he's been out of on his own ,coming over here to work on his car and such , if he's here during a mealtime I have invitied him to join us.    The first time he said he had a food at home.   Ok.  The second time he ate with us,  the third time he never responded.  His dad does not invite him.  On another note, I have taken my daughter out to lunch when the occasion arises, she has also joined us for dinner several times.   The last time DH and I went out he mentioned he should take his son out to eat occasionally.   So now I am thinking I should invite him .   He has told DS that he stopped joining us for dinner because it felt awkward and he figured why bother.  It did feel awkward because he didn't join us and when he did join us he talked only to his dad or looked at his phone.   I figure inviting him is the family thing to do since if his sister was living with us she would automatically be included, DD is coming since this is her brother .

The thoughts that go through my head. 


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to dinner?  Let daddykins have his own separate dinner with his failure(s).