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I just want my things to stay nice

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Sad I'm so tired of the skids wrecking things. They are careless with everything! Example-ss15 had the dishes tonight for his chores. We have a fairly expensive food processor with dish washer safe parts. All he had to do was unload them and place them in the drawer. What does he do instead? He decided to jam them together and bust 2 of the tags that slide together, then crack the top by slamming the drawer on it. I know some bio kids are careless too, but I don't have that biological blindness the way my husband does. I'm not ok with them breaking my stuff with no consequences or over using stuff (like half a cup of shampoo a day) that comes out of my paycheck. I can't wait until they go back to BM's on Sunday. They just got here and I want them gone.


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Find out the replacement costs and tell your DH how much he owes you. Act as though it isn't a big deal but you expect him to pay for his sons heavy handedness.

My s/sons would break things all the time. I would blow a gasket and nothing wou8ld happen. One time SS2#2 broke the last needle on my sewing machine. DH thought it wasn't a big deal cos you can use an ordinary needle..right? WRONG!

The part that broke off as well due to his son fiddling with it plus the new needles cost me $15. I told DH I ordered the part and put it on his c/card. He just looked at me like I had killed his mother (as if! I love his mother!). I just said "Well, B was fiddling with it, the p9iece broke off and cannot be repaired (metal part) and I need a new one."

Aslo it is the MO for kids to get out of doing their chores by screwing it up as well as they can. Then you never ask them to do it again and they get out of chores...Just saying....

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Funny thing about the chores: the skids try pretty hard to do it right the first time because they know that I'll make them do it over and over and over again until they get it right. One time, SS15 had to re-load the dishwasher 5 times before I'd let him go to bed. He's great at loading it now. I also told him that if the part had been broken, he'd have been paying for it. Since then, he has been far more careful with my kitchen appliances. DH is the one that won't make them do that stuff. He's also the one that says stuff like "it's no big deal" and such, like you were saying. Funny how my Disney DH thinks his kids can do no wrong, even when they realize that they are.