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O/T - Scary day at work so far...

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Since I started at this company almost 3 yrs ago, things have been going south. Budget, employees, etc. Company is losing money every day and there have been a LOT of closed door, hush-hush meetings among the big wigs here lately. Mildly stressful to say the least.

Well today, my supervisor comes in and tells me 6 people are being laid off immediately. The office is all in a tizzy and the tension is high. I was told by our CEO that if he can't turn the company around and make it profitable by the end of this year, he's done. We went from 50+ employees in late 2010 to about 30, one of which was our VP of Operations who left for a competing company.

Ok, so that gives us remaining people 6 months to hope things get better or bail for other jobs. I've started applying online and am trying to keep an open mind. I'm in clerical/admin work and can do everything from receptionist, customer service, office management, etc. You'd think it would be easy for me to find another job right? We'll see!

In other news, DH sent a revised copy of that email I posted the other day to BM declining signing for Stepdevil14's passport to Mexico. I told him to be prepared for the shitstorm and he'll likely hear from her attorney next week because she'll go running and whining to him for sure.

FIL news is quiet - he's been pretty much avoiding us like the plague since reconciling with "L" and us outing him on throwing us under the bus with her. Crazy "J" called both FIL and grandpa on Father's Day to wish them a good day! LMAO That train wreck is still rollin....

Have a great Friday and weekend everyone! I'll be sporadically on the boards for another couple of hours. Don't want to get caught not doing work-related stuff since so many already got the ax today.


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Ugh that's such an awful situation to be in Sad

I hope you find another (better) job soon!

Have a fantastic weekend and try not to stress (I know, easier said than done)

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Thanks SMof2 - I try not to worry about things I have no control over, you know? But yeah, seeing certain coworkers get the boot and knowing our company may close their doors at the end of the year is kinda scary.

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Hey stranger!! I'd definitely find another job before they close their doors. I'm sure you'll find something.

What mother in their right mind sends their child to Mexico!! If I won a free trip I wouldn't go and wouldn't give it away!!

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Hey there girl! I'm actively applying at jobs online through Linked In and I hope something comes through before things end here!

And yes, we said the same thing about Mexico! SD14 has been put on the child passport watch list so BM CANNOT get a passport without DH's approval and he just sent her the email saying he's not signing for one. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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That sucks! Good for you for being proactive in finding something else. If management hasn't been able to turn things around in 3 years, I wouldn't count on them being able to do it in six months.

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I agree Yosemite! I'm sure hoping something comes through sooner than later. I know the right opportunity will come along, I just hope I get something before anything bad happens here! Unemployment is too low and they'll still take my CS payments for DD15 out of that so I realllllly need to line up something before it is too late!

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When my old employers couldnt pay us on time and downsizing staff I Jumped ship right away and it was the best dicisoin i have ever made. I love my job now. The fact that you are in administation helps because you could work almost anywhere. from big offices to car dealerships. Good luck!!!

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Thanks somedevilish - I have worked at car dealerships before too Wink

I really hope I find something within the next few months. I really don't want to leave this company but if it's going to cease to exist by the end of the year, I have to do something!