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Wow, BM.

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Not gonna get into specifics. But I do have to say I'm awed at how long BM can hold a grudge, how far she will go, and how much she will let it affect her kids. And I thought my ExH held the world record. Nope.


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Oh my gosh, I have a true story for you. So Long ago in a galaxy far away I used to work at my local police department. We had this Sargeant that I was pretty fond of but he was a little bit crazy and we had dibs that if anyone was ever going to go postal , it would be him. Anyway, a man died that he did not particuarly like. I think he stole his wife or played a part in the divorce anyway. So, this Sgt. drove all the way up to Georgia and at the funeral while they were lowering the casket into the ground whipped it out and peed on it!!!! In front of everyone. Now that is a grudge.

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I'm the opposite. Sometimes I later become friends with ex enemies. My anger when it burns, it burns red red red hot. And then it fizzles out to nothing.