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Proud dad moment.

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Just got a video from the Skid of the signing ceremony for his 6 year re-enlistment in the USAF.  Sadly we could not be there with the COVID travel restrictions and his mom being hip deep in tax season.  We have yet to hear if his request for another year extension to his Germany assignment has been approved.  I expect to get that notification any day.

This will take him to 16 years of service.  He will only be 4 years from qualification for retirement when he completes this enlistment.  It is hard to believe that the toe headed 15mo old toddler I was chasing ducks around the golf course with when his mom and I were first dating is 28yo and as close to retirement as I am.  His ten year service anniversary is in less than 6weeks.  How time flies.

His mom and I are so proud of the man that he is.  

Congratulations son.  I am so proud of you and so proud to be your dad.


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Congratulations and your pride shines through!  Your son sounds like a very honorable man.

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Please thank your son for his service. He sounds like a wonderful man. I understand why you are such a proud father Rags.

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Please thank your son for his service.

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Thanks everyone. His mom and I are very proud.  He really is a good man.  He survived childhod in spite of his mom and I.


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As a fellow air force parent, kudos!  My son graduated from the AF nine years ago today,  still does missions and honor guard.  He has a civilian job on the base now and DIL is expecting their first child mid April.

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Congrats on the grandbaby.