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23rd anniversary and the kids 25th birthday..... life is good.

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The end of July through the end of August is a big month for the Rags clan.

My amazing bride and I celebrated out 23rd anniversary on July 30 and we visited our son for his 25th birthday over this past weekend.

My wife never ceases to amaze and inspire me. We both decided in March that we were far too fluffy so we started a medically supervised weight loss program. Since March I am down 60 pounds from my peak of 308 and she is down 45. I am 65 from my goal and she is 5 from her original goal, 10 from her revised goal and is thinking of going for 24 to get to her weight when we married. She is stunning beyond belief and always has been even at her peak 100Lbs ago. I have repeatedly told her that I love her as the woman she is and not to try to get to 135 on my account. Not that I am complaining. Smile Wink

The kid is packed and ready to ship out to Germany for 3 years. He leaves during the first week of September. His USAF career is going well and we are very proud of him. When he finishes his current 4 year re-enlistment he will be halfway to retirement. It is possible that he, his mom and I could all be retiring at about the same time.... at least he retires from the USAF at 38 with 20 years of service. An interesting proposition that might be.

We are currently between international assignments and are considering options including purchasing a business and settling into a US location to complete our careers. If we go that route my wife will re-engage her CPA career while I run and grow the agency business..... or... maybe not. I am also getting a lot of calls from companies and recruiters for both domestic and international executive opportunities. Stay home or go back overseas? It will depend on how enticing the next international assignment or other international opportunities turn out to be.

My amazing wife will have her 42nd birthday towards the end of the month, my wife's brother (my youngest BIL) gets married two days after her birthday, my college BFF's birthday is a couple of days later and my dad's 75th is shortly after that..... all in August.

I think I need to keep an eye out for random meteorites, tornados, and lightening. Things are truly amazing and life just keeps getting better.

Getting old is not turning out to be the challenge and struggle it could be. Bring on the next 3-4 decades with this amazing woman.

I could vent a little about my SIL (Bros bride)and my ILs but.... it is not worth crushing my bliss over.

Rags out.


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Congratulations on everything! You deserve all the good things in life. I've missed you - glad you are back.

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Happy anniversary to you and your bride, Rags!! I wish you many more years of happiness together. Biggrin

Happy birthday to your son! Amazingly enough, PrincASS made it through boot camp. His dream is to be stationed in Germany some day.

I've been wondering how you and your bride's weight loss is going. Kudos!! You two are knocking it out of the ballpark. Smile

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Happy Anniversary and congrats on your weight loss!

Just curious does your SS have any contact at all with the Sperm Clan anymore, or did he write them off? Glad you and his mother were able to get him to where he is now. I often compared the Sperm Clan to the BM1 Clan that SD19 came from. While she has made some progress (shocked that she graduated from HS and actually completed her freshman year at college) she still has a lonnnnggg way to go and their influence is still very strong. Sad

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Congratulations on everything! I must say it's very refreshing to hear all the wonderful comments you make about your wife.

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Congrats! My son also re-enlisted in the USAF. He does honor guard and just got back from TX for an electrical engineering course. He's planning on grad school in Mathematics.