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24 and counting.

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On July 30 my bride and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary.

This one, like many of the others, occurred in the middle of challenging events and lots of change.

Historically over the past 7 years we have been apart due to international assignments, business trips, family crisis, etc....  This time we were able to celebrate the day together.

Our new friend, our real estate agent, sent us a congratulations email wishing us well and telling us to enjoy our special day.  I responded with "Nothing special.  Just a McD's dinner, a kiss on her cheek and a rose from the homeless guy on the corner during my commute home".  That got a lot of laughs and snarky comments.

I did actually deliver.  My FIL passed on June 19th and my wife had been commenting that Emeralds were his favorite stone because deep green is his favorite color.  A few comments since his passing indicated that studs for her sexy ears were in order.  I got her a set of natural Emerald studs with diamond accents, a bouquet of Ivory roses with some purple flower that is my MILs favorite... and .... a nice dinner at a Brazilian steak house (don't recall the name of it) near our new home.  We met a couple at dinner who were also celebrating their anniversary (7yrs) so we exchanged contact info with them and are setting up a dinner soon.

Then we went home to our campsite in our new very empty house.  So far ..... we have only beds in the two bedrooms, 4 bar stools at the island in the kitchen and our patio furniture set up in our living room.  The place echoes.   

I am a blessed man.  I have an incredible, beautiful, wicked smart woman to share my life with, a great kid, wonderful parents, my baby bro (48) and his family are doing great, a beautiful new home that makes my wife smile, an exciting new job (5mos) with a new company to put the next and hopefully last decade or so of my career into, and I am shrinking in dimensions though that has slowed way down.

All that and .... I met a longtime friend for dinner on a business trip recently.  We were able to have dinner and spend a few hours taking our friendship from the virtual Step community world to the real world (the second STalker I have met IRL).  What a beautiful and accomplished lady she is.  On a future business trip DW will join me and she and the friend intend to do some power shopping.  Why is it that I get wrapped up in shopping trips with the women in my life?

Any way... for Rags... life is good .... DW and I had a great anniversary.... and are looking forward to a couple of dozen+ more


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Happy Anniversary, Rags! Your post is so uplifting and positive that it put a giant smile on my face. You deserve the best.

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Happy Anniversary Rags!!

Good things eventually come to good people who constantly strive to do the right thing, no matter how hard.

I’m so glad your wife and life bring you such joy and satisfaction! You’re an inspiration.

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Love this Ultimate Gratitude Update, Rags!


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Happy Anniversary,  have many, many more.  Have a good week 

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I was just thinking this morning- Rags has been a bit quiet lately, and no wonder! Sorry to hear about your FIL but what a wonderful way to remember him. Congratulations and you deserve all the joy- I got some good news from the tax man today, too!

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Happy Anniversary! Good job on the date! 

I have been very sick but recently diagnosed and on the mend. On the 22nd it was DH and I's 9th anniversary of our first date. DH and I don't buy each other gifts but dinner out is always a must. DH said he doesn't like hints so I straight up asked him, "Where are you taking me to eat today?" I didn't want to nag so I didn't bring it up again. He says he "forgot." Oh boy, I think steam was coming out of my ears by Monday. He more than made up for it the next weekend by taking me to my favorite seafood place that he doesn't like. Haha! And I don't think it's a mistake he will make again. Wink

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Congrats and Happy Anniversary!!! You've done amazing!!!

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And - great news, I will share an anniversary month with you in the future, as I recently promoted SO to DH on July 27th!!! 

My condolences to your family in the loss of your father in law.

Such a wonderfully beautiful rememberance for your lovely wife to have, brought a lump to my throat.

And, as a sidenote, I would love to meet other Steptalkers in real life. So if you are ever in California (I know its burning right NOW, but when the fires are out), give a ring.

Many best wishes for many more in your future.

Biggrin Love, CLove.

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Thanks everyone.  We are  having a blast with our empty nester years and life is good. 

My best wishes for great things for all of you on STalk.