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Aria 3

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There a is song by Justin Hayward,while part of the Moody Blues, but is purely him. I was captivated by the Moody Blues as a five year old, which was 1970. I was purely hypnotized by Justin Hayward as a child, he was utterly pure, heavenly, safe, he remains utter goodness. It is called 'Island.' It was never known in the states, it was a buried song. But, as a child, the song, that stopped me in my step in the convenience store as I was was looking forward to a weekend up north with my best friend, Theresa, and her parents, was the very first time I heard "Nights in White Satin"
What I resonated with was him, Justin Hayward's voice.

There are as many forces of goodness in this world as there are bad. They are actually easier to hear than the other ones. It's just and only and always fear that interferes.

Don't like the abortion factor that acccompanies a many many worded post. So Iwill post this and begin another.


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Yes, she's stated she's loosing her 30 year career.
I'm not sure what the reason for that is, and hypo seems to think previous blogs explain it. All I saw is that she went to her doc to get meds.
I think being the best at something (which is hard to measure) is fine. I think that telling people you're the best demonstrates arrogance.

That's my opinion is all.