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Child Support Questions??

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So, If I have had it up to my eyebrows, and would like to seriously suggest to DH that he get the ball rolling and get some sort of Child Support from BM (I mean, she does get disability, so she does have some sort of income...and if she can afford to send it to a Nigerian Soldier...she can afford to help her kid out), does he need to file in the state of the divorce? Or can he start filing motions where we are now?

This is the problem of living is different states from the BM...although, I honestly wouldn't have it any other way...Cos she is nuts.


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SS disability is probably paying her money for her children already. You are just not seeing it.

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SSDI was paying SGS's BM 'extra' for SGS as her minor child. When SS got full custody this amount was removed from BM and sent directly to SS for SGS. In SGS's case it was a small amount (BM was never much of a worker)but hey, it was enough to have covered SGS's lunch account at school.

Of course, BM went off like a crazed animal and started with the "how could your father take MY money away from me blah blah blah".

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SSDI = disability income based on work credits

SSI = disability income for those who don't have enough work credits to get SSDI. IOW, it's needs-based.

My late husband had a few hundred per month based on work credits, and it was topped up to the min. monthly benefit by SSI.

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Meh, if she was so worried about her funding she shouldn't have been spending it on alcohol. If she could afford to get drunk and pass out in the front lawn, she could afford to lose a bit to assist her kid *shrugs*

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Yep the BM is probably already getting money for the kids - which is separate from the disability allotment for herself.

What is the BMs work history like ? I know one person who gets $800 from her disabled exDH for thier three kids, totally separate from what the exDH gets for disability from the government.

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The state will typically consider dependent benefits in lieu of child support (assuming BM asks the state to do so, at least).

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If she is receiving social security disability, he needs to go to the social security office with birth certificates and court order and apply for benefits for the kids(s).

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The children will recieve a cut that does not effect how much she gets.

My dad was unable to work starting in his early 30s. My mom recieved $ from ssi for us. When my half sister was born that amount was then split between the 3 of us. As my sister and i aged out then the full amount went to half sister.