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Oh Silly SOD!

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G'day fellow STalkers,

Just a quick-hitter from the insane world we live in, raising other people's children.  As a quick reminder:

SOD = Significant Other-Daughter

TPP = Trailer Park Prince, SOD's baby-daddy.

So ever since SOD got pregnant on purpose in an attempt to "baby-trap" the TPP, I have been furiously working to secure government freebies to help her with bills.  She had elected to not work during her pregnancy due to COVID concerns, which I understand, but bills still got to get paid, ya know.  She was, at best, lukewarm to going thorugh the hassle of securing these hand-outs.  She didn't like filling out the paperwork for these programs (I filled out as much as I could but she still had to sign things, and didn't get in hurry to do this), she slept through interviews with different agencies I had helped schedule, etc.  She grudgingly went along with it, but I know in the back of her mind she was just expecting SO (and, by extension, myself) to pay her bills.  We ended up getting a little bit of assistance, but not much.  Not all of this was SOD's fault, as the TPP had to be included in this process, and he completely refused to do anything to help us get his bills paid for free.  But bottom line, SOD could have been more involved in pushing the process forward.

Well, the other day, SOD starts blowing up SO's phone with texts.  It turns out her cousin, who she barely knows, is now in a similar situtation (preggo, baby dad bounced, etc.).  The cousin is in desprarte need for assistance.  Well, since SOD is a narcissist, and narcisists like to look good in publc as part of their "mask," she is all about helping the cousin with the hand-out programs.  She was hounding the hell out of SO trying to get information about the programs.  I just had to laugh - where was the sense of urgency when it came to her own freebies?  Oh yeah, she didn't care, because she knew her mom would just pay it!

After this went down, a related event ocurred.  SOD is completely broke.  TPP is not completely broke, but he refuses to pay any of their bills, or chip in on rent.  HOWEVER.....he did have money to go out of town to party with SOD and some of their friends.  A conservative estimate is that he blew $500 on this trip.  Which would have really helped with their bills and expenses.  But, in the world of TPP and SOD, financial concerns are only "theoretical," since they have SO (and me) propping them up.  Again, I just had to laugh, because really thinking it through would give me a coronary, since they are so oblvious to finances, and are so free to spend other people's money.  Ahhhh, to be a coddled COD!


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Put her out. Ignore all protests from your SO. Let her take care of herself.. Stop enabling these leeches, Paul? What are you getting out of this? 

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My oldest SGD39 is in a similar situation with a 5yo son altho she was more proactive in getting benefits.  She also has the bf who doesnt contribute much to the family.  I think they are broken up now.  There was domestic abuse.  Its sad.  She is so dependent on the benefits, including the Section 8 apartment, that she's reluctant to get a job, scared of losing benefits.  That means she's stuck in that apartment, not creating any kind of career, not meeting people.  She is also chronically short of $, calls her mom, SD60, for help.  Unstable SD60 can't even support herself and isnt strong enough to say no and make it stick.  I cant see the situation getting better anytime soon.  Sigh.

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I'm sorry, I just deleted a very long winded comment. People like SOD and cousin PISS ME OFF. It isn't FREE. Every day working people pay for her to sit on her arse. Babytrapping losers. Grrrrr.....

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Oh, feel free with the comment.

But you allude to a good point - SOD is doing this wrong.  You should try to baby-trap guys with money, not guys who are already using you for a meal ticket.

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Yep, thats the way to go. But as they say "first ones practice".

Now that shes a proven breeder, she can be on the lookout for the next sucker.