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I'm out and its over, for real this time.

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I've left my now ex-SO. As I write this I'm sitting in my new apartment, by myself. I moved out two weeks ago.

I cleared out the last of my things from SO's house last weekend and that's the last we've talked.

I don't know if there's anyone left on here that remembers me from a while back, but, anyway, I left SO after living with him and his now almost 18 y/o son for two years- SS lived with us full time. SS17 doesn't have his license yet, and still never leaves the house for anything non-school related, and still has no friends and no life. And of course, no part time job or anything like that.

And SO announced to me a while ago that he planned on having SS live at home while he went to the local college for the next four years. And.... yep... I'm out.

I'm sure SS has by now surgically re-attached himself to his dad now that I'm gone.

I don't know what else to say other than that I feel like I've been released from prison, turns out I was living with two teenage boys, SO and SS--and SO was the bad one. I really don't know what I was thinking, hindsight is everything.


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Thanks, gals. Oh, it was so tough. It took every ounce of strength I didn't really have. I was too desperate to be in a relationship.

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That reminds me of a stand up comedy routine I recently watched on Netflix - Don Friesen, explaining why he was never good at enforcing when his wife would ground their son from video games. It was really funny.

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This is why I've told H skid will not be living with us at any time.

Visit sure.

Live with....nnnnnoooooooooooppppppppeeeee.

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**sound of champagne corks popping!!****


Another escapee from stepHELL!!


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There must be something in the air. I ended things yesterday. It was a bad week and got real ugly last night.

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I found out he was cheating. When he realized he couldn't lie his way out of it (he tried for four days), he finally moved out. While moving out the last of things, trying to start fights about stupid shit and not getting an reaction out me, he decided it would be a good idea to put his hands on me. I called the police, filed and report and will request an OP on Monday.

The funny thing is I was thinking about walking away before this happened. Other than one nutty BM, I really didn't have step issues. He and I are just so different are are in completely different places as far as careers, retirement. ... The choices he made in his 20s and 30s makes it impossible for him to the do the things I want to do(for example traveling, retiring early.... ).

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Good for you on getting out.

I know it's both sad and hopeful at the same time at this point, but I'm glad you got away from him.

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Thanks, aswang. SO knew from the very start that I would not live with SS after SS graduated high school. If SO meets the woman of his dreams, he might change his mind and kick his freeloading teenage boy-baby out. I just wasn't the woman of his dreams, I wasn't in awe of him as he expected.

Mainly he's a cheapskate. He doesn't want SS to go into debt to go to college, and he doesn't want to pay for a dorm. So SS living at home is the cheapest option. SO doesn't like to spend any money on anyone but himself, including his own son.

SO bought himself a brand new $40K jeep, and that's pretty much what made him decide he needed to start saving money.

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Aswang, sorry to hear about your separation, but I hope you at least enjoy it for a while, maybe it will help. I think one of my happily married girlfriends is more excited about me getting my own apartment than I am. She wants to come over asap for some girl time, and she has a good husband!

Every woman needs some family-free time I guess.