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Skids and birthdays

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So a few days ago was my bday. No milestone bday, just one more year... The skids asked DH the week-end prior if we were going to take THEM out for my bday, so it wasn't like they didn't know it was coming up. So my bday comes and goes, no call from the skids, no text message, no news, no smoke signals, NOTHING.

YSD happens to call DH ronight to tell him about her field trip, at a time when children should be in bed, and asks to speak to me (gasp). She says, "Happy birthday, sorry I'm late." then proceeds to tell me about her fricken field trip. It was like one of those oh-by-the-way-moments, I was just speechless.

After the crap these skids pull (OSD frequently asking for a car, MSD complaining to BM we didn't get her anything for her bday when she's refused to see us for over a year, and YSD tricking us into buying clothes for MSD on a shopping spree for YSD's bday), I've pretty much had it. Of course, it's not a meager bday incident that sets me off, it's much more than that but I don't feel like writing years of their self-centered acts right now.

The skids have only ONCE gotten DH something for his bday and that's only because I gave them money!!! They don't hesitate, however, to ask for money to get BM, BM family or BM's BF something - even OSD asked DH, "You're a man (duh...), what can I get BM's BF for his bday?" this poor sod's bday is the day before DH's, and of course DH got NOTHING!!!

How many of you are sick of being treated like you're good enough to get gifts from, but not good enough for common courtesy? That you and/or DH are always forgotten on bdays, mother/father days, year-end holidays, etc?


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SS is 8 so I don't expect anything for my Birthday but I already hate that I have to buy gifts for him to give DH on DH's Birthday, Fathers day, and for Christmas. I do it for our daughter 1 so I feel like if I don't do it for SS it will just make my DH feel bad that his kid is left out.

I think sometimes we just need to let these things wash over us, we all have so much stress from these kids already, I'm sure you have plenty of people in your life who do celebrate you and your DH on your special days, embrace those people and forget about the ungrateful kids on those days.

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Good point, thanks, and you're right. Although my skids are old enough to know better, I just got annoyed from the by-the-way attitude.

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Today was my DH's 50th birthday,and not one of his kids remembered is birthday ..... three of them live with us full-time, one doesn't. He got a phone call from two of them, no mention. The other two were clueless, until he mentioned it to them. Then he told me not to feel bad that they didn't remember mine because they didn't remember his. So I said, so basically they are just inconsiderate kids --- not just towards me, but towards everybody. Got it.