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Child support hearing was a success! (Long)

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BF went to court with BM on Monday over the child support lawsuit that she so intelligently presented him with when I was pregnant with our child. His lawyer presented worksheets to the board of child support that was hearing their case showing how with both parties' incomes set to minimum wage and accounting for our child together, BF's CS will be going down. The committee agreed. BM went off about how she didn't believe it was fair for BF's income to be calculated at minimum wage when she knew he made much more money than that. BF's lawyer presented BF's bank statements and income tax return which showed that he as an individual did not make nearly minimum wage. Whether his company does or not does not matter because it is a corporation and the income is not attributed to him personally. But for some reason she was fine with her income being computed at minimum wage which is actually higher than what she is bringing in from her supposed "part time job".

Then BM went ballistic over how she didn't think it was fair that BF was getting credit for a child who "we don't even know is his." The board lady turned to BF and asked, "Does she have your last name?" Yes. "Did you sign her birth certificate?" Yes. "Did you sign the paternity form?" Yes. She told BM that that satisfied all requirements for our child to legally belong to BF whether she biologically does or not (BTW - there is no chance that she isn't BF's, BM was just being a bitch). But she didn't stop there. BM continued to go off about how BF is living with his girlfriend and she didn't think it was fair to her that he doesn't pay any bills and is given credit for supporting a child who "isn't even his" and that makes her money go down.

They asked her if she would accept the amount that they computed and she said, "Hell no! That's ridiculous!" So now we wait until probably February so that they can go in front of a judge and hash it out.

On the way out, BM made the mistake of asking BF if he had gotten the message from SS that he had fallen on a rusty nail and needed stitches. BF's lawyer was like, "Oh REALLY?" Then she said that she needed to talk to BF about something more private. BF said that he could talk to her in front of his lawyer or not at all. BM turned to BF's lawyer and said, "You can tell your CLIENT that the next time he's even 5 minutes late dropping off MY son from visitation, I'm calling the police for kidnapping!" and stormed off.

The custody hearing is next month. We'll see how that goes.


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money. What a waste of skin she seems to be.

With all of the officers of the court (CS board, attorneys, etc...) that have witnessed her behavior I am sure she is going to be far less than satisfied with what the Judge puts her through.

Don't sweat the petty crap from the BM. I have learned over the years to enjoy "their" rantings and when the Judge ridicules them in court. Of course I still get pissed when the Judge does nothing substantive other than rant at them. But hey, we get our jollies where we find them right?

Even though the Judge has repeatedly included my income in calculating Bio-Dad's CS (he gets a $1000/mo reduction in income for calculation purposes because "Step-Dad makes a high income".)the Judge also spends about 20mins at the close of the hearing informing Bio-Dad and BioPaternalGrandMa on how big an idiot they both are.

I love as we're leaving the court house being able to confirm Bio-Dad's idiot status.

I know, I am evil.

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why does your income get factored in? It usually is never a consideration to include the stepparents income in figuring cs?

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He is an intermittently under employed plumber and he is from the Peoples Communist Republic of Oregon where the case is based.

So .......... because he is a looser, scumbbag, POS, waste of skin and "the StepFather makes an unusually high income, "SPermDad" should not have to support an artificially elevated life style for the child". (So says the idiot Judge).

Because of my "unusually high income" SpermDad gets a $1000.00/Mo reduction in his income for purposes of CS calculation. So basically I am not only raising his oldest child as my own, I contribute $ to the support of his other three out of wedlock spawn because he does not have to support my SS to the fullest extent allowed under the CS calculation in effect in OR.

Now, my income is not that unusual and is in fact on the lower end of the range for people with my qualifications (EE, MBA 23year professional career). But in scumbbag land I have had two judges take exception to my income and apply a discount to SpermDad for CS calculation. Interestingly one judge was male and one female so OR is an equal opportunity employer of idiot judges.

IMHO of course.

Sia, you just had to ask didn't ya? Wink

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"I love as we're leaving the court house being able to confirm Bio-Dad's idiot status."

Though I've never had the pleasure of hearing a judge inform BM she's an idiot I know he's made her feel quite small.
I live in a small town where everyone knows and loves the judge and there's nothing like having your beliefs confirmed by the fairest, wisest and most honorable elected official around.

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I am glad it went well for you. I hope that it will go better at the custody hearing!