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Are step-parents income counted in PA when looking for childcare assistance for BS?

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My husband recently got a part-time job, but will be working during the week making minimum wage. He is paying child support for his oldest son to that son's BM, but for his youngest son (3 yr old) he has custody every other week.

Since his job is minimum wage, he would technically qualify for state childcare aid to pay for the youngest's daycare costs (he was staying at home but needed to work more to pay the child support for the oldest).

Does anyone know if my income (I'm the SM) would be included in his request for his son? Since I have no legal rights, I shouldn't have to pay for this either - but I am new to this.

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I dont know about that...typically its based on income and family size, so you may be screwed. Tell him to call and see- wont hurt to try.
PreK counts has a higher cap of salary if you don't qualify for head start too.
Good luck!

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I agree with youngmama1b1g. In CA they are trying to change the laws to show IF spouses can afford it, then they may be subject to attorneys fees and CS. Of course that just means a lot more divorces will happen. But you should check. In the interim.. because YOU are not being sued, I would put YOUR money into a trust or something else so YOU personally have ZERO assets, in case they target you.