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No good deed...

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As the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished. SD "forgot" that she had an all-nighter at school this week until Wednesday. I had already scheduled a massage after work, but SO wants me to go with him to pick up SD, feed her dinner, then drop her off and "spend time together". Oy, after a massage, I really like to just relax, not jump in the car to drive over to the next town, kick around for an hour, then come back.

But I was trying to make it work. Well, my therapist worked on me longer then usual due to how bad my migraines have been, due to stress. SO is pissed. Snarkily replying that I "should have told her I had to leave by this time!"

Ok...want me to come meet you for dinner. "No!"

Yes, SO, I see into the future and could totally see the person who is usually very much on time, working on me longer on the one day I didn't need her too. You are right, I should have seen that coming and cut that off, so I could drive and hour roundtrip with you, so we are "spending time together."

I'm sorry she went over, but my eyes were closed! I called as soon as I realized what time it was. Fucking idiot...let's just forget the million times you've done something unthoughtful and inconsiderate, when it was actually your fault. Including the one that just happened on Sunday. Yep.

I suddenly feel very tired, I don't think we are going to be able to have that "hang out time". Especially since you need to leave at 6:30 in the morning to go get her, I think it might be better if you slept in your own bed at your house.