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I am done.

I have come to the conclusion that while I might be able to forgive the jackass, I can't teach him to respect me and it is really all about respect. Going down to the bar to drink with two girls because we had a stupid petty fight and he was mad at me, is a mistake. Bringing them home with him, even if nothing happened, and waiting until I asked about them being there is just so disrespectful, stupid, game-playing...I could go on.

If we were married, I'd work through it. We aren't. Why should I work through something like this BEFORE marriage? I shouldn't have to tell him that bringing home two women from the bar, even if we are on a team with one of them, is a really bad idea.

Even if our friend just needed to sober up, he could have done so many different things. Called her a cab, called me, even texted me that he was letting her do that. But no, I find the evidence that they had been there and have to ASK.

I apparently have way more respect for me, then he does.

I will miss SD13, I was hoping that I was becoming a positive influence on her. I will not, however, miss Psychotic. I truly hope he's got his act together for the custody case.

In case I don't come back on here, I wanted to thank everyone for their advice and sharing their stories so that us that are new into "Step-parenting hell" would know that we are not alone.


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oy. fuck that.


you deserve someone who'll treat you with respect, consideration, kindness and love.

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Stay strong. Now that you respect yourself, you will find the right man…one who will also respect you! (Better yet, sans skids!) And another theme (disengage), just like soddom and gomorra, sp?, "Do NOT look back!"

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If we were married, I'd work through it. We aren't. Why should I work through something like this BEFORE marriage?"

AMEN sister! I read so many posts about having to take their boyfriend to counseling and Im like, uh what? That's why there is dating. Not the right guy? Keep em moving.

DH and I had the obligatory counseling with our priest before the wedding date. But it was more like marriage class. We filled out a form that would test our compatibility. Pretty standard stuff. If we had huge dealbreakers to contend with, I would not dedicate the time to fix it. Boyfriends are like buses and all you have to do is wait for the next one. IMO counseling is what you do when you have an invested interest (like marriage or cbildren) in the relationship.

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Good for you to see a huge RED flag and do what many others should have and GET OUT!

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Please stay on and let others know how terrific and wonderful your life is turning out. I think it will give others hope and courage to quit while they are behind so to speak. I just read cat's post where she said she let her health run down and her son be bullied before she left, and I know from where she speaks. God bless!