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Update: The door is back!

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DH let skid#1 have her door back last evening. Smile She is one happy teen girl. She was told if she ever slammed it again it was gone and would not be rehung until after she moved out. Currently she is shutting it so softly you can not even hear the click of the latch engaging LOL.

Memaw and Pawpaw were over last night. As I explained skid#2 just can not seem to keep himself out of trouble. He smarted off last night and Memaw caught him across the lips with her hand. Was not a hard smack but definately got his attention. Pawpaw decided that skid#2 could come spend the weekend with him and Memaw, since he apparently needed some remedial training and it wasn't fair to torment the other three since they are behaving. Skid#2 is horrified. Memaw is delited, seems she has a ton of pickling jars in her basement that have been there for years and need to be washed before they are donated to the church and she hates dishpan hands.

Skids1,3,4 were on their best behavior last evening. All manners out, not a single eye roll, not even the slightest hint of back talk. Chores all done, they even asked if there was anything else we wanted done before they went to their rooms to relax. Of course this was offered in front of Pawpaw LOL they were earning brownie points to ensure they did not have to go to his house this weekend!

It seems the skid boot camp was effective for 3 out of 4 so far. Not sure at this point if Pawpaw was kidding about the remedial training the weekend or not for the 4th one, but he is walking around like someone shot his puppy, he definately thinks Pawpaw was serious. Despite the moping, I do notice his eyes have not rolled this evening and he has not mouthed off since Memaw tagged him. Right now it appears we have three normal teens, who are making normal teen mess ups (compared to skids from hell a few weeks ago) and 1 mouthy teen- who is still dramatically improved from a few weeks ago, just not as far along in progress as the other three.

Pawpaw 4 Skids 0

My IL's did tell us last night that over spring break they do want to take the skids on vacation with them. They were talking going to Disney. FIL wants to make it clear to the skids that he loves them and what he did and is doing is for their own good, but he also wants them to be able to have fun with him and just be grandpa not the DI. He figures by March they should be settled enough in the new routine that they won't have a problem and it would give DH and I four days with No kids!!!


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Please tell me that your FIL is for hire. I bet he could make a ton of cash from all of us! Smile

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I love love love this.

You guys must be so stoked to have them in your lives. And even more awesome that they want to take them to disney.
I hope these skids learn some real moral values from this whole experience and I hope the need to FIL becomes less and less as your DH and you move up as true parental figures in these kids minds.
Good to keep them in the background looming tho. Smile

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My skids always seem to do better after a bout of time with the in-laws. They live on a "real" farm, so when they visit for "training" the are up at teh butt-crack of dawn to work. Granted, MIL spoils them rotten when they are there, but something about the combination of her care and his gruffness works wonders!