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Updates and progress

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So far 3 out of 4 skids seem to be coming around. Over the past two weeks they have been allowed some of their privileges back. All but one has their bed room furniture returned. (Skid#2 has aways to go since skipping school). We will get report cards this upcoming week. Though I already looked online and found their grades, not a single one made honor rolls but their grades improved dramatically since the weekend PawPaw take over. Grades are a mix of B's and C's with an A or two per kid, of course the A's are in classes they like, or in art/ceramics/PE which are almost impossible to fail so long as you show up and breath!

They did alot of make up work and were lucky enough that their teachers gave them credit for it, at least partial credit if not full. DH and I did explain to them that not all teachers are that nice and they better really be behaving for the teachers that were nice enough to do this for them.

Skid#1 made a request last night for her bedroom door back. It is still residing in the garage, has been since PawPaw took it off the hinges. DH is thinking about it and will let her know by tonight if she can have it back. Since her door disappeared she has not slammed a single door in the house, not even the front door leaving for school. Additionally her report card is the best of the four. 2 A's, 3 B's, 3 C's. Brought up dramatically in the last 3 weeks- because those C's had been F's prior to the FIL intervention. I think DH is leaning towards giving it back with a warning of if it comes off again, it is gone for good.

Skid#2 we are still having issues with. I don't know if he is on a testosterone overload or if he is just stupid, but he can manage to get himself into some kind of trouble almost daily. The other three, very rarely are we having to talk to and they are now to the point that they are tired of skid#2 causing drama so they are ganging up on him to behave as well using peer/sibling pressure on him.

Skid #1 and skid#3 have also asked permission to find part time jobs, and were told yes but that 1/2 their earning have to go into a savings account. They are fine with that rule, apparently any amount of spending cash is better than none. Skid#1 also surprised me yesterday, skid#2 had Saturday school and I was being whiney about having to get up on a Saturday morning to drive him. When my alarm went off she came in my room, shut it off, and told me she would drive him and let me go back to sleep!

Yes I found out two hours later she stopped by Dunkin Donuts and got herself a coffee and donut while she was out with my truck, but hey, it was on the way, no additional miles, her money and I GOT TO SLEEP! I am good with that!

No they aren't perfect, still need to improve on eyerolling, occasional attitudes and overall maturity and responsibility, but wow. My FIL is definately my hero and DH is one rung under FIL right now. No more wishy washy over compensating daddy. We have a Father in the house!

Memaw and Pawpaw are coming over for dinner this evening, lets see if the pro also sees the change in the skids!


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It'd be nice to hear FIL's take on all of this and if Skid 1 gets her door back keep us updated