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More excuses for SS

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I swear I should start a journal for all the excuses that SO thinks up for SS9's behavior and give it to him when SS ages out, can't keep a job and SO wants him to sleep on our couch.

This past Friday, I hear SO and SS in the living room and SS is telling SO how his older half-brother (BM's 15yr old from a different guy, HB15 from here on out) hits him all the time. I didn't hear the beginning of the conversation but I'm sure it was in response to something SS did wrong and this was his excuse.

Later that evening, it was just SD, myself and SO in the living room. SO asks SD how often HB15 is hitting SS and where on his body he is being hit.

SD: HB15 just doesn't hit SS. He pushes him away because SS is always trying to hit him.
SO: Well HB15 better watch out. SS is almost bigger that than he is already
ME: SD just said HB15 isn't hitting SS and your response is he better watch out.
SO: Well I'm sure he was hitting him in the past and now SS is fighting back.

I ignored SO after that. You can't reason with someone that is in that totally blind frame of mind.


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I actually started a logbook type diary because of this. One: for documentation purposes if needed to show SO what an idiot he is or if it came down to it, to show in court (I'm that close), and Two: to really help me weigh the pros and cons of being in Step Hell... There are starting to be less and less pros than cons so it's not looking too good right now.

I prefer a literal book but I don't want anyone getting their grubby hands on it. I used to use this one iPhone app "Notes Lock" but I recently found this other one I really like, trying it out before I buy the full version. The layout is like a calendar and you choose a date and type notes or whatever you want. It's password protected, its called "My Wonderful Days", I think it can pass as an ovulation or period tracker so I think that'll be my excuse if he ever sees it.

My SO (stupid other) constantly has excuses for the "Precious Princess" SS7 behavior or COMPLETELY IGNORES it.
Yesterday we went to his relative's birthday party and not too long after we are there, the "Princess" is scolding and tattling on his 5 year old cousin because "she's copyiiiing meeee....she's chewing with her mooooouth open..." Just being a complete jerk. SO doesn't even say anything except once in awhile saying lower down your voice, so I finally say "OMG Princess if you don't like it, don't look at her!" and then I turn to little cousin and say "Play with someone else, Princess is mean". Later on the Princess is trying to play with the cousin again, but she's being smart now and said "I don't wanna play with you cuz you were being mean". So the Turd Princess tells SO "I waaaanna play with her but she doesn't wanna plaaaaay", he whines when he talks ALWAYS. So SO tells little cousin, "go play with the Princess, he wants to play with you". She snaps "FINE! but you better not be mean to me!" She was adorable, I wanted to high-five her, but I so was angry at SO and told him he had no business forcing her to play with the turd when he was being mean to her.

His excuse: he wasn't being mean, all kids are like that
Me: really? he was the only one I heard acting like that. And if he wasn't being mean, why did she not wanna play with him.
Him: cuz you told her to.
Me: cuz he was being mean to her.
Him: no he wasn't, they always talk like that to each other.
Me: no are you blind, of all of them, only HE talks like that, the other kids have just been nice enough not to say anything.

OMG, the blood in my veins are starting to reboil just thinking about it.

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My SO says all the time "all kids are like that" when referring to SS's behavior or lack of hygiene. I laugh on the inside because he does this when he sees other bad kids behaving like SS but has nothing to say when he sees kids that are well behaved.

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Our SO's are alike!!
But yours can't be worse than mine...

Mine will find the smallest thing wrong in other kids and point it out. AS LONG AS it isn't something that the Princess does also. Like he won't say anymore, OMG did you hear that kid whining...or is that kid too old to cry or what?...that kids a brat...etc. Because I would add " the Princess".
He doesn't do it as much anymore, but he's still an idiot. Its like he completely forgets that his son is a jerk...

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Oh I just wanted to share this...kinda similar

The Princess got hit by another boy at summer camp last year, the boy swatted him in the face with his baseball cap.
Princess tattled to camp counselors and to SO and BM (both spoil him rotten and don't see his faults...duh cuz he's perfect). Princess's story was they were all playing (a group of them) and this boy came out of nowhere and hit him in the face with his hat.
SO and BM demanded the summer camp to expel the boy from camp.
Summer Camp said they have to "investigate" or whatever term it is before doing anything like that.
SO told me the whole story and I said I feel bad for SS7 (ok no I didn't) but don't jump to conclusions just yet.

Two days later summer camp completed a thorough CSI Investigation and concluded that - SS7 started it!!! and the other kid was NOT to blame. OMG I was dying laughing inside. SS7 threw grass at the other boys face and the boy told him to stop. SS7 did it again and the boy swatted him with his hat. There were several witnesses including SS7's own friend.

Our conversation afterwards was kinda like this. SO tells me the outcome and adds "the Princess was just trying to play with him, I think "that boy" should still be in trouble cuz he meant to hurt the Princess".
Me: really? I consider that self defense, how do you know grass didn't get in the other boy's eyes, how do you know HE didn't get hurt shit you know it feels like you get stabbed in the eye when an EYELASH gets in there, can you imagine GRASS! You are lucky that his parents weren't jerks and asked to have the Princess expelled from summer camp. (see the point I was trying to make? cuz he didn't)
SO: well he was only trying to play with him. the Princess wasn't trying to hurt him.
Me: then the Princess should've stopped when the other boy told him to stop, Princess is lucky the boy didn't punch him. Oh BTW, what punishment is Princess going to have for lying and trying to get the other boy in trouble?
SO: [insert sound of crickets here]

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That's been my experience too. One boy has been a bully for years on end, my son and many many other kids hit him back. Not my son, but occasionally other kids have gotten in trouble. His mom has frequent Facebook anti bullying posts. She thinks her son is getting bullied. So she demands something be done. So she gets a "safety plan" for her son. An aide is assigned to her son. Not sure if the aide is just for him, or if he shares the aide with other kid. So the aide witnesses her son instigating violence. , kicking another boy. The boy pushed him hard enough to knock him down. The aide witnessed it all. End result: the safety plan resulted in the aide witnessing her son instigating violence. My son has been repeatedly kicked, slapped, pushed by this boy, so I loooooooooove it!

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I can't stand the "poor diddums is a COD and he's special". That is the new excuse. The old one was "this is normal behavior. SS and HB behave like this". Until he saw my daughter and our friends kids don't behave the same way.