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Wha wha wha wha wha wha....

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You know in Charlie Brown how instead of the kids hearing the teacher talk they heard that annoying noise? Yeah that's what I hear the second BM opens her mouth.

Really things have been pretty good recently, she has a boyfriend and since the day he came around things have been a lot better. BUT she still drives me literally right up the wall and back down the other side!

The other day SO dropped off SS2 back at his BM's. It tow, SS had with him some new clothes that I had purchased, a new pair of shoes and a little backpack to put everything in. When SO first brought SS in her immediate reaction was "UM WHERE DID HE GET THOSE???". SO told her that I had bought him some new clothing. NEVER in my wildest dreams would I have thought that there would be an issue in me wanting to buy something for my SS.

WELL was I ever wrong, there was a HUGE issue in me wanting to do this. BM took it as an insult that I am doing better in my life than she is and that I seem to think she is unable to provide for her child. Well I do think this but me buying him clothes and shoes had nothing to do with this! BM told SO that there was no way he was keeping any of this and that it all could go back where it came from and she didn't give a sh*t whether or not I couldn't get my money back because I was WRONG for buying him anything in the first place.

When SO came back to the car he told me the conversation and also told me he laughed in her face. SO told me that he told her she was absolutely crazy and there was nothing wrong with me wanting to buy SS new clothing. He said I wasn't trying to do anything to over step her as a mother and that I had no wrong intentions by purchasing him these clothes. He told her he would willingly take the clothes and shoes with him and SS could wear the clothes when he came to our house. While all of this was being said she was literally stripping SS down to his diaper so she could give SO back everything. SO grabbed the bag, bent down and gave SS a hug and kiss and told him he could wear his new shoes the next time he came over to stay with us!

LIKE SERIOUSLY....ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I buy the child clothes, I didn't beat him. I wasn't trying to make her feel like a lousy parent, she does that to herself. REALLY you had a 2yr old crying because you were giving away his shoes that he had just got. There is something wrong there! I have told SO on numerous occasions that BM needs to go in and have a psychiatric evaluation because there is something seriously not right in her head.

Really all I hear when she speaks is "WHA WHA WHA WHA" I constantly feel like I am on an episode of Charlie Brown when she is around or on the phone. I feel like I can make more sense out of the teacher on Charlie Brown than I can of her sometimes.

I have NEVER in my life heard something so ridiculous. But oh well I guess on the positive note I don't have to worry about her ruining all of his new clothes and having them smell like smoke and his new shoes looking like pieces of sh*t after a week of owning them!

As a previous poster once told me, there isn't an island big enough for all of the crazy BM's out there Sad SAD NEWS. But I will find this island one day Smile


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What a crazy b*tch! Most parents in general are thankful when someone buys their kids clothes. We love it when SD's grandparents go all out and buy her school clothes, seasonal clothes, etc b/c it means we don't have to, lol. Not that we would mind, but we're always living paycheck to paycheck, and it's hard to keep up with a growing child's needs sometimes.

You did right by buying your SS clothes. And you're right, at least now you can make sure that they are kept in good condition. Shame on that woman for making her kid cry over something so ridiculous! I'm sure that even at 2 years old he feels that he is somehow to blame for it. Poor kid.

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Yeah this woman is the most ridiculous person I have ever come across in my life. When SO and I have children of our own I will GLADLY accept things like that from people because sh*t gets expensive. I was in no way trying to belittle her by purchasing these things for him. And exactly as your said "god671" I want him to look good while he is out with us or wherever he is so that's why I did it because she is the exact same way and literally throws whatever on him and doesn't care if it looks good or not. She spends far too much time in the mirror TRYING to help herself look better, than she does giving a crap whether he looks good or not.

Like I said she treats his clothing and shoes like they are nothing so it's better this way anyways, now I can make sure when he's with me he's looking fly lol