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A Small Victory, but a victory nonetheless

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So tonight, SS stalled like a MOFO during dinner again. I finally had to let my toddler down to do her thing. It was not her fault that he was being a little jerk.

Then he wanted to go do what she was doing, and I demanded that he take at least one bite of his chicken empanada, before he left the table.

"Do I have to?"

I told him no, but that if he didn't, he'd go to bed early.

He gets ready to bite and I warn him, "None of your pretending to vomit either kid. You bite, you chew, you swallow OR you go to bed early. Period."

He bites a bit of the crust off (there is no chicken in it, so I know he's not reacting badly to any 'spices'). Immediately he's on his coughing crusade, like it's so bad he's going to die. He starts shaking his head, and I warn him again.

"No way kid. Chew and swallow or it's early bedtime for you." I'm freaking out a little, because if he really ups and vomits I may feel terrible. What if he's allergic to something? Panic panic panic.

He coughs, sputters. I decide to ignore him and go start the dishes.

Suddenly from behind me he goes, 'I'm done!' I inspect. He is in fact done. And I release him, and look, he's running into the living room to play like he wasn't just about to die.

Hahahha... how bout them apples kid. You've lost, because now I KNOW you're full of shit.

Har har har.


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Every fucking time my skids used to get disciplined they would go make themselves VOMIT into the bathroom sink. F-ing disgusting right? DH would then coddle and cuddle.

One night DH was at work and I scolded SSthen6 for teasing his sister and turned off the game console. What does this lil asshole do? Run to that sink and start the wreching. I told him " you throw up, your cleaning it. All of it"

He looks at me. Then starts again. Pukes all into the damn sink. Turns making a pitiful face crying.

I hand him paper towels, trash bag and lysol wipes. " Now go clean it."

" Your REALLY going to make me CLEAN it????" Crocodile tears gone.

" Every drop of it or your playstation is trash"

He cleaned it. Neither of them ever puked the sink again

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Mine did the same thing- would cry so hard he'd vomit everywhere and when I made him start cleaning it up it stopped happening. Same thing with peeing on the floor- he did it all the time in our old place and never cared that I made him mop the floor on his hands and knees with a sponge and bucket of water first then an old mop- but once in the new house and it hasn't happened since- probably bc the bathroom is much larger loL!.

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Let them barf then let them clean it. I understand the gagging thing if it is a dish you just can't swallow. I had that problem with zuchinni when I was a kid. Pretty much squash of any kind. It was completely involuntary. But I never yacked. I ate it and I moved on.

This is nothing more than a power play and testing boundaries for this kid. He eats or he goes to bed hungry. If he pukes, he cleans.

How old is this kid btw?

IMHO of course.

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He's five. At first I was willing to buy the 'texture' problem. But he does it with EVERYTHING he doesn't want to eat.

And last night we pretty much proved it was bullshit.