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I deeply hate my stepdaughter!

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I have no one to talk to about my stupid stepdaughter, I fucking hate her, she sickens me so much!


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Provide more info. Her age. Why you hate her. Her living arrangement. We better cam help if we know some of these things. Welcome and good luck.

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Thank you guys, I did not know what else to do. I will try to use this site do write about my feelings. BTW, I live in Norway, so please excuse my spelling skills. And I don't understand all of the "shortend" words used here.

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Hello, i have the same feeling, I'm not sorry to say I hate her and her slutty mother. I dont want her at ky home every day when her mom is working and even on Sunday which is my only day off. I Just want to spend a nice weekend with my husband not with her. I can stand her at my home one or two days a week but not more. We still dont have our own kids, why should I stand this rude 8 year old girl. I love my husband and he loves me too. The only problem we have is because this kid.