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I love my Stepdaughter!

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I know this site is about venting but I want to say that I love my stepdaughter.

She is sweet and respectful. She thanks me and is appreciative of the things I do for her.

Maybe it's because she was 18 when I met her. Maybe it's because I never tried to be her Mother. Maybe she sees how much I love her Dad and he loves me and she's happy for us. Maybe it's because she didn't listen to the crazy sh*t her mother said about me and made up her own mind.

She is preparing for a trip to Europe. She has done a lot of research and knows what to take and where to go and how to get there. DH and I paid for her flights and her Eurail pass. It was her University graduation present.
I lent her the backpack my oldest used when he went to Europe and our Gopro accessories. I also bought her a bunch of travel items, a plug adapter, a travel towel, a rain coat, bags to keep things separate.

Tonight she came over and we photo copied all her important documents and she thanked me over and over again for all my help and all the items I'd given her. She said that she wouldn't have been able to do this trip with my help and support.

It made me feel great and I hope that one day all of your skids come around and realize what great people you are too.


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That is great, notsobad! Thanks for sharing, the success stories are good to read, it makes me less cynical Smile

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how wonderful, OP! and hey, venting can be for good things too that you're so happy about you have to get it out in a post Smile Smile Smile

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That's really nice Smile

It IS what everyone hopes for but so few of us ever get. Your skid really is special--probably because she wasn't raised to be a snowflake.