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Behind already

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After only a few months of paying her measly CS to DH for the bag load of trouble that constitutes SS18, she is now over a month behind plus all those months are lower than they should have been. She does not add the annual increment for inflation and the age.

Ok, the whole thing is just annoying, the amount is small and we can get by without it ofc but just making that mean bi**h pay satisfies me a little because I know she hates to have to pay. DH sent her an email to state that she was behind and had still not included the increment.

We await more fire and brimstone just because he told her. Will be fun. I hope she calls as I am well and truly ready for that bi**h now that he is 18 and there is NOTHING she can do.


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Good for your DH for holding his BM accountable!!!!

If I could go back in time, I would insist​​​​​​ that my DH ask for cs from BM2. He made the decision not to because she was a welfare lifer, without consulting me or considering the fact that he was giving BM2 a break while expecting me to financially contribute to his daughter's care. It caused a lot of resentment.

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No response from her yet. I heavily suspect that she is on holiday overseas oiling her fat gypsy whale carcass on a turkish beach.