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More stupidity

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SS19. 5 stated tonight that he can't tell the difference between the months June and July. *wacko*


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Well ... "normal" starts at a 70 IQ, which is really very cognitively limited. The average 1Q is 100, higher for people who go to college.  So he could be "normal" and still be pretty challenged.  Might explain why he's 2 years behind.

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Lord I do not miss constant stupid comments and questions. I used to be a "no question is stupid" kind of person until I met my formerSS13.

Call me a hard ass, but if one of my own children said something so foolish I would require a good several page report on the difference. To me that is just saying something to hear yourself speak or trying for (negative) attention.

What a fool, especially at his age. 

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Exactly, what an idiot. I didn't get the impression it was for attention. I had asked what date exactly he finished school and he was sitting there catching flies. So I said 'for christsake SS, you don't know??' and then he came out with that gem. 

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God, I'm having flashbacks to OSS, who told me once that milk is really beef since it comes from cows. Fool

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And since alot of cookies and biscuits are egg or butter based, that means we’ve been eating chicken and beef all along according to skids genius brain

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This I have to agree with to some extent, DH has done his best but everything was undone by BM literally before the kids eyes she would do the opposite, undo discipline, allow them to run riot etc, he gave up in the end. Until I came and threatened to leave unless he upped his game. Trouble us that the damage is done. Then your left just putting out fires. 

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