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Work at home nightmare

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I need a safe place to vent. This past week we got the green light to work from home. I'm a probation officer, so this is pretty unheard of in our line of work. Any face to face contact has pretty much been stopped. Doing our visits via video and phone. Well this week was skid week. My bio kids are at their dads so it was just the 3 skids. It's. Been. A. Nightmare. My fiancé works second best so he's been trying so hard to keep the skids quiet. I can't wait for them to leave on Sunday, I feel like I am literally counting down the hours. I feel like a prisoner in my own home. 

I can't wait until life goes back to normal but there doesn't seem to be a end to all this craziness in the near future. I know you all feel my pain. 


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Ha! I wish I had a dollar for every woman who has said "I feel  like a prisoner in my own home" these past 2 weeks!!!! (FYI I said the same in one of my blogs today!) :-) 

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Kind of wish the skids would stay primarily with their BM during the majority of this. Since she works "part time" and I'm sure that won't last long. If only!!!! But she's a part time mom at best. 

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I am sorry.

Your husbands 2nd shift (correct) helps a little. not much but it helps.


Boy I sure wish you were here several years ago...I would have had 'questions' for ya.

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Hahaha I just realized my post said "second best". Yes Second shift. It helps because he is home during the day, but still all I can hear is "be quiet" "stop doing that"! Lol. It's not an easy time for anyone. As of late, I have banished all children from the living room for an hour. I told them to find hobbies in their bedroom lol. #needabreak 

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Six children! One house! Working from home!

I cannot even imagine trying to navigate that in your busy household. 

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One is away at college, well hopefully, they haven't made the kids leave yet lol. It's a big house, so I have areas to hide but it's still loud. Very. This week, no will be much easier!!!