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Just some random tidbits.

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Well.. we are hoping BM will be at her "new house" for the summer time soon (probably 3/4 hours) away from here.. could be more since we don't know exactly where in the state it is. She works remote and her husband works for the school system. 

Anyways... even though she's not really a "problem" but the emotional turmoil she has created within skids leaves us to deal with it.. 

SD had enough of her little over a month ago with the whole nail thing... the ONLY thing BM did with her.. BM was complaining of the cost and blah blah. So SD was just like I'm not having her take me anymore I can't listen to it. I heard SD on the phone with her friend while she was arguing with BM and i she did start to cry and say "why can't she do anything for me..." I felt bad.

Few days later SD and I were in the car and that's when she told me that she was done with having BM take her for nails. She told BM she is always guilting her. BM first got angry then backpedal with the "I loves you" etc. 

SD also said how BM a few times has come to drop her off and said "I have to go to the bathroom so you think missk will get mad?" Like wtf. This is 100% BM being a f'n snake. For some of you that don't know... she came into our house in 2020 while we weren't home to say "goodbye" to our dying dog. This dog was never even her dog to clarify. I'll link that blog.

I said to SD I find it interesting that she is just singling me out in that question. I said she's trying to make me look like the "bad guy" and act like your father wouldn't care. I said it whatever. I'm sooooo OVER her. 

Fast forward.. last week SD went to lunch with BMs parents for her birthday (which was in April) and all they did I guess was talk bad about BM. The apple didn't fall far though because BMs  mom is not a good person. SD brought up how BM complains she doesn't see them but does not offer to actually DO some other things. 

SO. Our guess is BMs mom said something to her. SD had a birthday party sleep over last night and when I was dropping her off I asked her what time she needed to be picked up and she said BM was picking her up because she wanted to spend time with her. BM hasn't seen her since her birthday... This isn't uncommon. She would go months before.. and that's for all the skids. SD thinks it's because of her grandmother also...

I get home from work an hour ago (2pm) SD is already home.. I said oh your home already.. she's like yeah I got home like an hour ago. I said what time your mom get you... she said 1130..I was like ohhh. She said we just went to target and Tj maxx. I said you get anything... she goes no. She was quite while telling me too so there is possibly more to this story...

WTF. Now... I've been to target and Tj maxx with SD thousands of times... she's never NOT got something... even a f'n snack... but guess of course when she's with BM she gets nothing... come on. 


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It's ridiculous. And it's not that I think BM needs to spend money on her but the woman says she wants to "spend time" with her then bring her to your house, do an actually activity with her.. SOMETHING. They go to her house once a year and that's Xmas. BM lives 3.5 miles from us. So very close. 

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I can never understand your BM, what is wrong with her?  Your SKs sound like good kids.  The least BM could have done is take her to a fast food place for a soda after "shopping'.

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Something!! For SD to not even pick out something.. even a snack makes me think there was drama. Who knows though. One of SOs friends (who lives next door) and his wife saw BM and SD walking in to target. His wife was close with BM when BM and SO were married. She said she (SOS friends wife) did a weird wave and kept walking... SOs friends HATEs BM. So... i think SD seeing SOs friends wife not being fake and not talking to BM may have rubbed a SD a certain way.

I was happy to hear SOs friends wife didn't talk to her. Plus she was with SOs friend and he wouldn't be having that anyways.